So, today, I posted in the forums giving feedback about this new Prime Access, and I want to know your opinions about it. I'll give you mine, and sorry that it's greyed out, but it happens when you copy-paste something from the Warframe forums to the wiki

" Really though, I'm only going to get the Accessories Exclusive Package only for the 90 day credit/affinity booster, but that's about all that's worth getting this Prime Access.

   I share the same opinion as most of these tenno's in the forums when I say that the Noru Syandanna isn't that appealing. Primes usually stand out, having very noticable Gold trims around the weapon/Warframe/syandanna. So, it's not the energy that it's lacking persay, because I frankly think some syandanna's look good without it, but it's the lack of the gold trimming that doesn't really make the Noru all too appealing, much less deserving to be in the Accessories Exclusive Package. Really, it looks like a syandanna that can just be bought with about 10-20 plat just over the regular syandanna's, because it doesn't really look like an exclusive accessory to be considered a prime, but it looks too fancy to be considered just a normal syandanna.

But then, it's not even the syandanna that makes the Accessories Exclusive Package horrible. The part what I'm more concerned about is the so-called Distilling Extractor Prime. The Titan Extractor Prime is way better than the distilling, even the regular Titan Extractor is more appealing than Distilling. Titan Extractor Prime has double the health and capacity as the regular extractor, now, Distilling does too, but it only picks up common materials, that I can get all the time from just farming mods in any survival missions. Not only does it only pick up common materials, it takes a WHOPPING 8 hours before you can collect your material. 

Now, lets compare at what's more worth Deploying: Titan Extractor, or the Distilling. Now, the Titan Extractor only has regular health, and can only pick up materials in a regular basis, however, it has a chance to pick up rare materials and it can be extracted within 4 hours. Distilling Extractor has double health, and double capacity, meaning it can pick up twice as much materials than the regular variant. The con's however, are that it takes 8 hours before it can be extracted, and it only picks up common materials. Now, since the distilling extractor prime has twice as much health, but twice as much time it take than the regular extractor, in reality, it actually has the same amount of health as a regular extractor, so one could say at this point that they're both equal. The last con about the Distilling, is that it only picks up commons, so you won't be able to get the chance to even pick up, I don't know, morphics that you desperately needed? That makes Distilling the NERFED version of the regular extractor, and can't even be compared to the Titan Extractor Prime.

Now that I've explained my reasonings as to why the Accessories Exclusive Package is only good for it's 90 day credit/affinity booster, let me give 2 reasons as to why it's a bad idea to get the WHOLE package (Accessories Exclusive Package included). The first reason is that (even though I bought the last prime access) even though you get plat with the recharge, you can always get the prime weapons/ Rhino Prime in-game, but this part is not really an issue here, for all you dedicated chargers, such as myself. The second reason, which is the big problem, is that this Prime Access is $20-30 overpriced from the last one, and the last one gave you better accessories/extractor/weapons (may vary) than this recent Prime Access.

I'm so not regretting getting the Misa Prime, nore my Titan Extractor Prime right now, and long live Ember's Prime Access."

Well. . . Theres my feedback about the new "Prime Access". What about you guys? What do you think of the new "Prime Access"?

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