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  • I live in Northern Minnesota, USA
  • I was born on January 29
  • I am Vauban Prime
  • Darthmufin

    Hello! If you are like me, Captura is an essential tool for editing together parody videos for Warframe, as well as simply getting cool shots of weapons and enemies for thumbnails. I recently discovered a way to bug out the Captura camera and force it to spawn inside of the boundary Warframes normally have, that prevents the camera from getting too close. Not only does this allow you to place the camera through your Warframe to get shots at almost any angle, but this allows you to position the camera in such a way to allow "Pov" shots with weapons. This will be a short guide on how to do this, as well a video tutorial on how to do so, and sample videos that i made with pre-made green screen ready clips for you to use right now.

    To start, y…

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  • Darthmufin

    Howdy! On the off chance you reading this consider yourself to be fairly new to the game, or just never really bothered to understand the damage system in Warframe, you are in luck! I have done an entire series of short, straight to the point videos on each damage type in the game individually, to the best of my knowledge, and are currently on the Damage 2.0 main page as well as every single damage type page.

    While others in the past have done great reviews, discussions, and tutorials on the damage types in Warframe, it's often all damage types at once, or the videos are really long for what it is. Except for the first few, they all follow a logical progression and visual scheme, as well as them all being 2 minutes or less in length. While …

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  • Darthmufin

    I havn't made a blog post in over two months and blogs have been pretty far between lately, so i thought i would shake up the blogs section a bit with some fun content i have made on my Youtube channel, as well as describing some of the videos.

    First up, i wanted to update anyone who doesn't subscribe to my Youtube with some of the Riven Mods videos i have produced to showcase some decent or great rolls i have gotten for some weapons.

    I've always like the Akzani pistols, despite them being low damage. They are decently accurate at medium range compared to similar bullet hose auto pistols, has okay damage, and has a really nice sound and reload animation.

    With this riven mod, it adds a good amount of multishot, increasing status chance, Heat d…

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  • Darthmufin

    Here i will be posting the riven mods that i have gotten so far (barring the first one which was a crap mod for the Vulklok) along with their videos i have made for them.

    (Note: As of December 17th, some of this may be outdated)

    First off, my opinions on Riven Mods in general. Initially, i hated the idea for the most part, mostly because of how much RNG was involved. Besides the first mod you get from the quest (which can be a mod for sentinel weapons, unfortunately) Riven mods are currently only awarded from Sortie missions as a possible reward. After doing 3 so far and not getting a single one, i think it's fair to add that to the first issue i have with the mods.

    Second, the weapon that the mod is for is randomized, meaning chances are if …

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  • Darthmufin

    I have been playing warframe since a week after they hit open beta, So almost 3 years at this point. I have 1,238,190 Mastery (Rank 22) with 2,764 Hours in game as of me writing this. Despite being high rank and pretty invested into the game, anyone who views my profile in game (superbot34) will notice that the "most used" gear is also the most mediocre or even average, and the stuff that tends to be called the "best" stuff is normally the stuff i use the least.

    So how in the world can i enjoy myself if i'm not going up against the same level 150 grineer while using the best weapons in the game? Simple! I find ways to make each mission a bit more fun, by several means that i will explain here, and hopefully prevent or extend the point to wh…

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