Instead of focusing on the general assumption that Warframe 'X' is the best frame, or Warframe 'X' is simply better then Warframe 'Y', i decided to make a categorization of some of the most durable Warframes in the game and instead of comparing them, simply putting them into their own special category, with how they "function" more efficiently than other warframes in that scenario (totally different than saying it's better, remember).

I do however, talk about my choices at the bottom a little and i do in fact compare some abilities directly.  Also note that alternative helmets don't matter here, only base frames with no special add-ons (vanguard rhino helmet, etc)

"True" Tanks

Tanks who fill the standard role of "i'm big and tough, i'm slow, and i cause lots of skulls to crack under my authority".

  • Rhino:
    • Offensive skill set: CC knockdown and enemy immobility
      • Skill set best at: Infested due to less resistance to damages, Corpus due to no resistance against blast.
    • Defensive skill set: Limited damage barrier, personal protection only.
      • Skill set best at: Grineer as hitscan weapons are unavoidable and is most needed for.
  • Frost:
    • Offensive skill set: Limited enemy immobility and high damage AoE
      • Skill set best at: Corpus due to increased weakness to cold damage.
    • Defensive skill set: Nearly impenetrable defensive bubble, effectiveness scales slightly with level.
      • Skill set best at: Corpus, as Grineer bombard/napalm Aoe attacks still penetrate.

Tactical Tanks

Tanks who fill the role of "I don't have the best resistances to damage, but if you can't shoot me, you can't beat me".

  • Nyx:
    • Offensive skill set: Absorbtion redirection power, CC knockdown and personal stat regeneration.
      • Skill set best at: Corpus, due to very high weakness to its magnetic damage.
    • Tactical skill set: Temporary gaining of crucial enemy targets, mass CC removing large groups of enemies from attacking your team directly.
      • Skill set best at: Grineer and Corpus as guns quickly decimate enemies faster then the melee tactics of the infested.
  • Loki:
    • Tactical skill set: Distracting enemies, avoiding combat, removing of enemy weapons.
      • Skill set best at: Grineer and Corpus, although still effective for Infested

Healing Tanks

Tanks who fill the role of "i will simply keep myself or my  team from dying to overcome you".

  • Trinity:
    • Healing skill set: Full health restoration, limited invulnerability for entire team.
      • Skill set best at: Any
    • Other skill set: Keeping energy restores for team plentiful, redirecting damage.
      • Skill set best at: Grineer and Corpus
  • Oberon:
    • ​Healing skill set: Healing regeneration over time, extremely useful when modded a certain way.
      • Skill best at: Any
    • Offensive skill set: DoT trap, large AoE CC trap that knocks down enemies.
      • Skill best at: Grineer

Combination Tanks

Tanks who fill both the classic or "True" tank, but also fills the role of a healing tank.

  • Valkyr:
    • Defensive skill set: Stunning, team resistance buff, complete invulnerability to self
      • Skill set best at: Grineer or Corpus
    • Healing skill set: lifesteal small amounts of health from attacks while under hysteria
      • Skill best at: Any


These are categorizations of Warframes that fit tank roles in certain situations. "True" tanks are the general tanks who are tanky by nature, but others listed can be 'better' in a certain situation then them, or others.

Stereotypical tanks, ones that are really tough, do lots of damage, are slow, etc, are only labeled in "True" tanks. these are the only frames who are actually fit the role of tank in that sense. 

For example, when comparing Oberon and Trinity, both healing tank frames, Oberon can use the power in just the right moment and with just the right mods, to prevent players from dying on high level maps, giving them a constant buffer of health instead of a large amount at once. Trinity is "better" for this healing of course, but it's that fact that oberon also possesses the offensive skills to complement the healing which lets him be in the category of a tank, but loosely.

Another example is when comparing Oberon to Rhino. Both powers have fairly large areas of effect. But against grineer, Oberon's deals radiation, which is much better at dealing damage at higher levels. It may not keep enemies suspended, but it does cause them to be knocked down, which serves a similar purpose.

Remember, that even though i compare frames directly, each frame still has a particular skill or skills that makes them better at something else. Yes it's true that some frames are simply "good" at every role, but those that do don't specialise in anything. This gets into the area of "This frame is OP". Really? Op at one scenario maybe (lets say nova and mp) but not others (nova dying while casting mp) which is why before you make a claim that a frame is the best or a frame should be nerfed, remember that each frame has weaknesses and those weaknesses are filled by other warframes who do better in that area. 


Opinions =/= Facts