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Aaaaaanywho, i don't usually make blogs like this anymore, but there have been a few things bugging me about the current state of warframe that i wanted to discuss briefly. Are you sitting down? Good, because that is completely necessary. Unless you came here to you know...complain or something, Totally not what i'm doing.

First off, a list of grievances. Yes, i can see the look on your face already "ugh darthnoob is whining again OMG". You're right, i am, and i am proud of it. Although, more like "critically analyzing in a negative way" :)

Ancient Fishing Rods. That's right, your friendly neighborhood disrupter, healer, and toxic leveled up recently and gobbled down a bunch of Scorpions and stole their hooks and now have an urge to hurl it in your general direction. Swell!

Don't shake you head, let me finish. I'm not actually complaining about the hooks themselves, but more of the method of them being there and the lack of legitimate lore of them even being there in the first place. And no, ancients eating Scorpions dosn't count, that was my idea. Just like previous rants i made about Arc Traps i made on the forums (which none of you ever saw, mostly likely, down-voted to oblivion because you know, arc traps are 'fun or something -_-), just like them, they don't really fit with lore and the reasoning for them being there is blunt, generic, and obvious.

Players A-Y complains that the game is "too easy", while sitting on a pile of 8 forma weapons (please excuse the exaggeration, seriously..), and DE listens. How do they listen? they shove in a randomly spawning sentient (they only shoot players and allies...) electric arcing trap that serves no purpose to the grineer besides a time consuming pinch to players. Granted some players go melee only (so much for encouraging melee play) and die, and they don't spawn as aggressively as before, but i think you get my point. Both things are rushed items in an attempt to satisfy demand for more content. This is what it gets you. Ancients that hurl hooks out of nowhere.

General Lack Of Attention For Old Weapons. Remember the Seer? The Kraken? What about the Embolist? These are just a few weapons that DE just simply neglects. You never see the Devs use them, players hardly use them (i use the Kraken exclusively ^-^) and yet, weapons such as the Sicarus gets more love and get's primed. If the Kraken got the same treatment and was wraith-ed instead of the sicarus getting primed, i am pretty sure people would be paying more attention to the little BEAST. did i mention that i really enjoy the kraken? seriously, it sounds badASS, one of the few good sounding weapons in the game. remember the classic sound of metal clanking, ammo belt jingling Gorgon? was my favorite weapon, but the new nerf gun sound upsets me to the point where i may consider a new favorite.

Anyway, you can pretty much tell that the DEV's themselves either don't have any interest in weapons like the kraken, or they just feel players don't like them enough so they simply avoid them. this upsets me quite a bit, considering that the freaking SICARUS was primed before the kraken -_- I would love nothing more to see old weapons either buffed, or primed/wraithed, etc so they may return to the spotlight. even the seer is still pretty powerful, i mean you can use it to up to level 30 grineer comfortably and that is not bad for the first obtainable weapon bp right?

Those F***ing Host Energy Color Bug...Things -__-. Bugs that were previously fixed for most frames, are now rampant once again. Seriously, if you are host, you will know it with many frames as your energy color for some powers will how up, instead of the default (sonar, vortex, to name a couple). That, and when you get headshots you will hear a distinct sound that ONLY plays when you are host (seriously, this is like a year old issue, still not fixed). That's pretty much it on this one, so yeah.

9/17: Radial Blind Changes. There are preposed changes on Radial blind by DE that prevents enemies that are physically blocked by walls to no be effected at all. Although i agree with their logic, as it is a blinding light, it's sad that they decide to take this one instance and apply actual physics and logic to a warframe power. Vortex somehow sucks enemies into itself without destroying the environment and not hurting players, but they don't fix it do where everything is effected.

In my opinion, Radial blind should stay the way it is because Excalibur is already a low-rated frame and radial blind is his only true balance to make him good on higher levels. slash dash does low damage against armor and high levels, his jump boost is very limited and not offensive, and radial javelin does decent damage but dosn't hit too many targets, as it has a target limit. Currently i have been having real fun with Excalibur and i have to admit this change will probably make me stop using him, but for good this time, and i hate that thought. Why not say that the "Blind" is actually pure energy that can go through walls, maybe a Neutrino blast? but no, his one good power is "too op with max range mods" so it has to be nerfed. -sigh- and you wonder why i made this blog in the first place before adding this section. Way to listen to the people crying for nerfs when using maximum mod builds -_-

Now for something less grief and more concern

Now that Warframe is on the PC, PS4, and now Xbox One, i get the feeling through past updates, that there will be no 'rainbow bridge' now, not ever. They talked about this magical gateway through which both PS4 and PC (at the time) would be at the same update, and cross-play would be available. many months later, i still have yet to see this bridge. Go to a PC update thread on the warfarme forums. "THX DE" "THANKS DE [edited by darthmufin] >cat meme picture". The top comments should be "stop PC updates until PS4 catches up. Yeah i know, it would probably be a long wait. And? If all you care about is the next batch of arc traps and shiny gold version of weapons you threw away months ago, then what are you playing for?

Currently, since i know i will never reach mastery 17, i just play you know, for fun. no forma, no grinding, just play. Yet most of the people around me are grinding, leaving at wave 5, 5 minutes, etc. No time to enjoy the game for what it really is. This, combined with empty promises due to over-hyping, i find myself seriously considering whether i should still play the game. i love it, don't get me wrong, but my interest isn't satisfied by more weapons or more super exclusive access packs. i need something brand new. that new Archwing thing might just be the trick if it is a huge change to what warframe is now, because fighting hordes of mindless AI gets really boring after 18 months of playing it.

I tried to insert humor into this blog as best i could, but the sad topics in it really don't hide the fact that i am becoming bored of the game. As i stated, the Archwing thing might be what im looking for, but i suspect it won't be as fun as being a grineer lancer shooting tenno specters while invading a solar rail. Still, i feel a bit optimistic for the future of Warframe, more so than before, so even though i may sound like i see a bleak future in the game i really don't, just currently it has hit a very thick wall that simple content updates can't get through.

And here is a poll to make me cringe, probably

Am i close to what you think about Warframe, grievances included?

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