Note: there is no Tl;DR because pessimistic views cannot be summed up so easily.

If anyone knows me personally, or has ever bothered to follow me in the past few years on this game and this wiki, they know that i am pretty pessimistic about the game, but i also know a decent amount about it and that i have also been on both 'sides' of players; I started the game casually, i started to want the best things in the game and when i got them (at the time) i realized how empty it felt to use weapons i didn't enjoy using simply because i had to - to be able to kill the enemies to progress. Eventually, i regressed back into being more casual; i can still pick up the best gear and slog through a sortie but i have never played LOR, nor have i played The Jordas Verdict.

I only recently started bothering with archwing again, so i can try to squeeze my mastery to 22 but even though i have around a dozen things left to try i am still fairly far away from that mastery, yet people are already 1/5th of the way to 23 at this point. I say i don't care about mastery, until i see a person in my clan who was half the rank of me a month ago and now almost my rank. I even started looking at starter weapons like the lato and mk-1 braton to try to squeeze some fun out of the classics. Sadly while the mk-1 braton is fun to use i must say the lato just doesn't feel right to fire. The damage is decent with just one forma, taking down level 30 grineer, but the sound and handling just dosn't satisfy me. Which brings me to the reason i decided to make this blog.

I'll start with how i got to playing warframe in the first place. I was at school, and i was mentioning how i wanted to play more games now that i got a "new" PC (that i managed to grab from my school since they were upgrading their computers) and i needed some new games other than online flashes and basic minecraft. He suggested warframe and assured me that it would run on my Pentium 4 machine with an old graphics card, so i decided to download it and give it a try. It worked all right, and i managed to squeeze in about 25fps while recording without any enemies around. I still have some of the old videos on my Youtube Channel although they are not all uploaded by date, a couple i uploaded last year when i ran my old machine again and found the old files.

I convinced my friend to try the game, and we played on and off for about a week when it was clear he was getting bored. I will never forgot about that one mission we did back when the infested were actually scary, me and him were running around and i left him behind because i was terrified. You have to understand, this was only my third encounter with this enemy and they made far scarier noises and weren't just a horde of quick moving enemies, they lumbered and chargers sounded like attack dogs getting closer and closer to you. And the ancients were immensely scary as they charged to you, with you only seeing their bright glow from their nodes on their bodies with the basic guns hardly doing anything to them.

After a while, i stopped using that account, shortly after my friend's computer broke and he never got a good enough once since then. I made the account that i use today (superbot34) and i have been playing almost every day since then, minus periods where i would lose internet due to money problems in our family. The longest was 3 months, in which i missed the event that offered the puncture mod set. I did the alert mission for the impact mod set (really high level infested survival) with USoulz...but because the alert ended as we were doing the mission, it didn't count, which was different from all other alerts in the past. That was the second time i felt anger toward DE. The first was when they changed the sound of the Gorgon which was my favorite weapon at the time, and their excuse was it needed to be "updated" with the new game sound engine or something. Which of course, is, imo, a lazy excuse for changing something hardly anyone used at the time. People objected, but they didn't care, it was done.

Which brings me to my next thought, how DE treats their game. In the past, within the first year of me playing or so, DE seemed to really care about fixing their game before releasing new updates. They felt that if the game was too buggy for new content, they would pause updates until they were fixed. They have been really good at this until about a year and a half to two years ago, where they started producing more bugs with updates then they would fix before releasing a new update. Eventually bugs like the torid clouds not damaging enemies who the grenades stuck to would be fixed...but after many months (7 months for the torid bug). Today, we see digital extremes finally fixing Tentacle Swarm from freezing and crashing games, which took them 5-6 months to fix. Napalm fire patches can hurt players through the rift for about 4 months now, but no fix has been announced. This is probably due to limbo being on the "drawing board" for a rework, but apparently this also means its not a priority to fix a seemingly simple bug of napalms damaging through the rift plane. Those are just the more obvious bugs, some of them are so minor DE would probably never bother fixing them, like most things with glowing energy nodes having their colors "combine" with each other visually as the player hovers their mouse over color selections. This means to see what the weapon will actually look like with the color, you have to click it and then press escape and back out. every single time.

Minor bugs keep stacking up, but DE makes it seem like they don't care. Notice for instance, how much time it took them to fix the torid bug i mentioned. The bug occurred sometime in November of 2014, and when i kept making bug reports about it up until January, people on the forums would get angry and yell at me that DE were "on vacation" and would "fix it eventually", not caring about the fact that they had two months to fix it before going on break. It then took them a few months more after that to fix it but it was already too late, due to the bug i stopped playing infested defense and infested altogether, and when it was fixed i just didn't even use the torid until almost half a year later.

I lost interest. And that is the point ive been trying to make with every bug report and every plea to DE to stop changing certain things about the game. I used to love the gorgon, but now it's just an okay weapon to me. I used to love nyx, but making disrupters resist ability damage and magnetic damage, and healers block damage done to other infested, made me stop using her as her absorb became useless. They nerfed her yet again afterwards, making a certain damage cap use up stacks of your energy, making me lose all my energy as i tried to type something to my squad, which i had to do since im getting worse at typing especially under pressure.

I used to love fighting infested, but healer buffs, enemies dropping out of Bastille randomly, and infested moas completely ruined any fun i had fighting them. They used to be just as powerful as the grineer, but now they are more powerful. They aren't fun to me anymore, just an annoyance that i try to get rid of as quickly as possible.

You may have also noticed that i have been fairly absent in wiki activities, i still delete trading spam all the time however, but my interactions with other admins is limited, as well as other users. I used to consider some of the people here friends to an extent, but my pessimism and disappointment towards DE and the community has just pulled me away from socializing, and just sticking to my work as an admin here. Not even a particularly good one, at that, but that is besides the point. I suppose ultimately, this blog is simply to sum up my disappointment in the game and give a possible explanation to my pessimism in case anyone saw a comment i ever made that was negative and thought "what is his problem?".

Thanks for listening.

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