As you probably already know by the raging comments and frustrated posts about Snow Globe, it was nerfed to be viable for destruction if said damage limit is reached. This causes many unwanted problems that DE may or may not have thought of, when comparing it to Rhino's Iron Skin.

Example 1: Snow globe is significantly larger than iron skin (iron skin is just the user) and in turn will usually take all or most incoming damage, depleting very quickly in most cases. This does not make snow globe "useless" but it requires placing in corners or behind tall walls to avoid damage that might not even be directed at you, in order to recharge shields/reload, etc. 

Example 2: Unlike ice Leaders, whose snow globe can travel with them, frost's cannot, meaning the usefulness is limited when required to move around. Often frost is chosen for Defense, Survival, or other missions of that sort, where defense is critical. Frost by definition is a defense frame, primarily due to snow globe covering more then just himself. However, the immobility of it coupled with its set damage pool proves less effective.

When comparing ultimate powers:  Rhino and Frost both have high damage, AoE ultimate powers. Frost will quickly cast a freezing avalanche around surrounding enemies, stunning them then freezing them. Rhino does a similar thing, although it will essentially "freeze" the enemies for a period of time while doing damage. When frost's power is over, enemies will be allowed to move around immediately afterwards, whereas with rhino you are free to move around/take cover after using said power.

"But oh great and powerful Darthmufin, how does one fix this problem??"' you may ask.

A start, would be to fix the way snow globe behaves. One solution, would be to allow the snowglobe to "spawn" smaller snowglobes around teammates. Say my main snow globe can hold back 5,000 total damage. When near a teammate, a snow globe will appear on them, both will become 50% smaller, and repel 50% less damage (going by how much the original has left to block) and so on. Which of course means, making snow globe mobile, OR, making teammate's versions mobile. 

Teammates could run into the globe, after 'x' seconds, they larger globe will slowly get smaller and smaller as the player inside grabs some of the freezing frost, until 50% of the original is taken, in which the player may leave with the temporary protective globe around them. 

Even better (to avoid 3 pluto's running around the map) is to simply apply the inside freezing wind effect to players, instead of a new globe (similar to Zephyr's turbulence power) which will slow enemies that get close to players, without protecting them. This could be explained by stating "players inside will have their warframes supercooled, allowing temporary freezing auras" in the mod.

In either case, the original snow globe will not be able to move, and the original caster cannot gain this movable bonus. 

This would solve the major problem with snow globe, but will still not fix the fact that napalms and Bombards still can hurt you with their AoE explosions and procs. Still, it is a better solution then simply making snow globe stronger, a nerf was needed but it created more problems then solutions.

what do you think?