Warframe Codex Stills

Things to Note:

  • most are moving scenes so not all can be captured at once sometimes, like loki which also shows enemies going for his decoy
  • Excalibur+prime list interesting lore:  "The Sentients had won. They had turned our weapons, our technology, against us. The more advanced we became, the greater or losses. The war was over unless we found a new way. In our desperation we turned to the Void. The blinding night, the hellspace where our science and reason failed. We took the twisted few that had returned from that place. We built a frame around them, a condiut of their affliction. Gave them the weapons of the old ways. Gun and blade. A new warrior, a new code was born. These rejects, these Tenno, became our saviors. Warrior-Gods cast in steel and fury striking our enemies in a way they could never comprehend. Excalibur was the first. -Orokin 'Warframe' Archives" 
  • Saryn seems to be wielding dual Kamas
  • Nova's scene involves small versions of the old Ancient Healer model
  • Trinity seems to be casting energy vampire over multiple targets in her scene

Bonus Stuff!!!!

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