(and the addition of the new overpriced syandana of course)

Update 17 Become Litteral BATMAN-001:45

Update 17 Become Litteral BATMAN-0

As for my current thoughts on the parkour system overall, i think it's pretty decent. It's pretty hard to go from coptering for years and being able to directional melee to have to memorize at least 3 different movement combos to get around and still make it fluid and natural, but i think i will get the hang of it eventually, most likely due to the fun involved with it.

In the video (which was unedited, off the cuff footage right after my first attempt at the new system in my last video) i was alerted only because the Ankyros Prime has terrible hit markers still and you have to face them directly for them to hit, but auto-targeting in melee sometimes messes that up.

Movement is not as restricted as i imagined it to be as first, you can still move around as fast as you could before with coptering, even with heavy frames, it just takes a bit more timing to get the fastest movement speeds. fist or sparring weapons really benefit from the bull. Hopping up and across walls is pretty jarring and really dosn't look right, and makes less sense than wall running honestly, but it gets the job done and now doesn't require stamina so you can do it for as long as there is a wall.

Another addition to the new system is new camera effects when speeding up, as the camera will pull away from your frame a bit when you speed forward or slide. It can be a bit clunky though, it seems to zoom in or out too much or not enough at times, but it seems to overall work fluidly with the movement system as a whole.

Become Batman Today

If you wasted 105 platinum and got that overpriced cape syandana, post your favorite warframe wearing the cape below! :3


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