Note: Another "Bonus" Discussion at the bottom, so i don't make 2 blogs. Also i am closing the comments as the blog hasn't been up on the main page for a while, so the discussion pretty much ended. Feel free to message my wall instead for any tips/questions/pointers etc. 

also note that update 11.2 changed the issue with xp (told you it wasn't just me) "Fixed issues with End of Mission XP numbers in the UI showing a lower amount than what was being received. Players were seeing less XP in the UI than they were actually receiving in the Database! For example, you may have finished a mission with Nekros receiving 28,000 XP in the GAME UI, but in the Database you were actually getting 54,000 XP."

After playing warframe frequently after Update 11, i have come up with some major issues of mine that are affecting how i enjoy the game. note that while there are plenty of positive things, i just want to talk about the negative aspects, relating to my gameplay/style or otherwise, to inform you or simply give you my 2 cents on the matter.

Enemy Level Compression

Essentially, the enemy levels in the game have been compressed, so more stats increase per level then they did before, and levels were pushed back a little to compensate. a level 10 enemy for example will have roughly the same difficulty as a level 15 enemy (or 40=100 as DE explained). This causes problems with leveling up equipement. 

Say you usually will do 30 minute survival missions. Before update 11, you probably will get between 40 thousand-100 thousand warframe xp, depending on how much damage you did/enemies killed, etc. Now, for the same amount of enemies and the same amount of time, you will get roughly half of that, if not a bit less. 20 thousand to 50 thousand. I went to saturn several times with various warframes, and the highest xp i got was around 50 thousand and i used nova, getting the large majority of the kills. The same is for weapon xp, although this seems to be under 50% of what you will usually get. 

Why is this? well, since the enemy level is compressed, you get harder enemies faster, yet the xp you get from killing these compressed enemies does not increase as they should (enemies get harder twice as fast, however xp increases normally). given this new system, you would have to play though a 60 minute survival mission and do half or most of the kills, to get the amount of XP you used to get for a 30 minute survival.  hopefully this changes as i have been playing alot but my new weapons are only half way upgraded. (they would be fully upgraded or very close with the old system, without xp boosters).

How they can fix: revert back to an uncompressed enemy leveling system and simply change how their stats increase. 

Status Procs 

2 reasons why this is an issue with me:

1. Fire/Ice/Electrical damage can't stun enemies unless it procs (% chance of doing so), including the freezing effect of ice. essentially, you cannot effectively slow down crowds of enemies without help from Frost. This makes run and gun style harder, essentially making enemies harder. This wouldn't be a problem if the status chance of weapons were no lower then 10%, regardless of their fire rate. Sure, my Twin Vipers would stunlock an enemy, but so what, it will do very low damage anyway. high fire rate weapons have very little status chances, making them unreliable. The supra for example, only has a 2.5% chance to inflict a proc. having trouble leading your target? too bad ice damage won't slow them down until it procs :/ this also makes weapons with low armor ignore+low proc chance extremely useless against armored enemies, as you won't even manage to proc them with a stun or other effect. shooting an enemy with the ignis flamethrower and only having a 1% chance to set them on fire is ridiculous.

How they can fix: increase the proc chance of all weapons to a minimum of 10%, and make freeze damage freeze targets that are not shielded, regardless of proc. 

2. Enemies deal Procs to you

This isn't the end of the world of course, but it makes some enemies already overpowered weapons even more overpowered. the exception is the grineer napalm, i have noticed they either lost their AoE entirely, or they are bugged at the moment, as i was only effected if i was hit within a 3 meter area, versus the 15+ meters of before. you can generally avoid meleeing units like Butchers, but when they do hit and hit your health, you will bleed out. the amount depends on level but like above, you will reach that high level twice as fast now. going down while having your shields up is quite frustrating. 

other then that, the update is fine. i do hate how ember prime is impossible to get, but i can let that pass since i don't care for getting her anymore. overall the issues in this blog has made me feel more bored playing warframe, and i have lost some of the enthusiasm to play, as i can't just use weapons i want, i am forced to have specific builds on specific weapons or i won't do any damage. 

what do you think? are the problems i listed problems that you noticed too? or do you think the update is fine with no major issues? if so, how come?

My Best Weapon Combos So Far

putting aside mods and combination mods specifically, here is a list of the "Best" weapons that i own currently with the update 11 damage system (take a peek at my profile to see the full list of weapons i own). Does not include Melee atm.

1: Brakk. High damage, no damage falloff, but most of all, a 10% Status chance, for each pellet. Added with Blast damage, i can keep most enemies knocked down long enough for me to reach them then pound more pellets into them.

2: Grakata. say what?? yup, high fire rate, 10% Status chance. added with blast damage i can keep most enemies knocked down while i switch to a more powerful weapon or if they are below level 25 unload more bullets into them. 

3: Dera high puncture damage compared to other damages, and a 10% Status chance.

4: Kraken, high impact damage for consistent stunning, with the 10% Status chance as well.

5: Embolist good fire rate, and surprisingly a 10% Status chance (even though it's continuous). offers MUCH more poison damage then the Acrid now, even more then before, as the Acrid seems to have lost most of it's DoT.

I would also consider the Seer, and the Twin Gremlins especially, due to both having a 10% Status chance, however their damage is 1/3 for each damage type (each damage type has the same puncture, slash, and impact damage) so it is decent for every faction, but not good for a single faction. The Twin Gremlins can get a high fire rate however and with multishot, every burst has a high chance of inflicting a Proc. 

This leaves me with the rest of my entire weapon arsenal being too weak, or too specific to one type of enemy, with little improvement through mods to be able to be useful for any other faction. which is why in the first part of my blog, i stress how the game has gotten more grindy and less fun, as i usually have to take a weapon that i need, not a weapon i want. before update 11 i used the braton. i used the Lato. i used weapons deemed too "Weak" because the mods that i had allowed me to do so. THAT was the challenge, to use lower tier weapons where higher tiers exceed.

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