Hello again! it's been a while since my Last Challenge (a few months in fact), and i haven't been doing much lately since i have either burned through all the content i wanted to play or i got tired of farming for things that are just beyond me right now.

So, onto the challenge! This one involves using Vauban's Bounce to complete Interception missions. The catch? You cannot kill enemies (except on the instanced that bounce actually kills them) until the end of each wave, and you cannot use any other abilities or use companions with abilities that distract or hold enemies in place. Fun!.

I complied a video demonstrating the challenge on the lowest level interception mission i could find, which was a grineer mission on mercury. While the challenge is better done on higher missions i wanted to record the challenge in as little time as possible with as little mess ups as possible. Well, except for in incident i had with a Certain Someone the first time i was testing the challenge -_-

Basic Rules!

1. You may only intentionally kill enemies with something other than bounce at the end of each wave. 2. You may not use a sentinel or kubrow that has abilities that distract or put enemies in a confused state (eg. Fatal Attraction) 3. You may not use any other of vauban's abilities nor any focus abilities that give you any advantage other than Zenurik's energy passive. (you cannot suspend enemies however!)

To make it even more fun or challenging, attempt to get the lowest possible enemy capture score possible, the lower the enemy score=the more bragging rights you get! It's also good to note that this would be better at higher levels, where bounce will most likely not kill them.

My Test Entry:

Bounception Warframe Challenge03:54

Bounception Warframe Challenge

Your Turn

Now it's your turn to try out the challenge and describe your experience below! While a video (whether edited or not) would help, it's not needed.

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