i already posted this on the Forums , but i thought i would post it here too as more people actually would see it here >_> at least from my personal experiences in suggesting ideas and content, and i know it won't matter since i'm not in the design council therefore it is never seen by them or taken seriously.

Why not? I understand the concept that warframe evolves and revolves around cooperation and teamwork, but why not an actual game mode that covers the story in order, mission to mission? I look at it this way, the game right now is basically the "multiplayer" of most games out today. you can play any map you want with any weapon, any mod, any enemy, etc. with yourself, friends, or random people. Why not include a special game mod (which you can still co-op with!) That goes in order and provides actual lore in the game itself. Cutscenes, Data logs you can retrieve from terminals that are optional and give you fragments of data, etc.

Campaign would start with a major Orokin spoiler (meaning this mode would be in the final product of warframe) where the sentients (whether visible or unseen) are battling aboard Orokin vessels.

[Unfortunately, since not alot is known about how the Grineer and Corpus fit into this timeline, i had to do my best with my own idea] It would show the Orokin, possibly just seeing their backs retreating or just parts of them, not their whole features, while the sentients advance. While this is going on, the lotus will be explaining this to Excalibur, taking place after you are rescued from Captain Vor (the training mission is the first mission you play, the opening cutscene takes place after) As she educates him on the Old War and his Origins, since the abrupt release from his pod to save his life has damaged his memories of what was, and is.

Cutscenes of primitive Grineer and Corpus (less aged, since they are newly into the cloning process, and less technology for the corpus as they are just starting to scrap tech from the defeated Orokin) fighting back hoards of fresh Infested enemies. Ancients would be seen, and judging by the lore of their creation and the things on their backs, which also appear to have shellfish fossils on them, they were the first creatures to be used by the Orokin to test the Technocyte Virus. The Lotus explains that the fear of losing their greatest creation, the Tenno, outweighed the risks of destroying themselves, and as such created the Virus as a means to combat the Sentients, as all over means were failing. They knew however, that they must allow the Virus to run rampant, allow it to mutate, grow. Evolve. Similar to the Virus that manipulated the humanoids into what are known as tenno, The virus is controllable and manipulatable, allowing specific mutations to occur, and also allowing the Forces of the elements and energy to bind with their DNA.

However, the version released on the Squid-like alien creatures was free to choose how and what to become, and what to infest. This allowed them to consume the Sentients while also evolving with every new infection, learning weaknesses and growing stronger. Lephantis was one of the first to form a collective mass, combining several masses of Ancient infested and Grineer/corpus that were caught in it's path, allowing the first mass intelligence to form, making the infested "smarter".

The cutscene ends with showing the 3 factions, infested, grineer, and corpus, actively gaining influence and becoming stronger once more, posing yet another threat to the solar system, along with the Lotus telling Excaliber that it is up to him and the remaining Tenno to finish what the Orokin had started, and bring peace to the solar system. Then, it would skip to the normal training mission, and end with the Lotus Granting you your first weapons and giving you various items to start off with, as you go in order of the missions, but made more for solo play and has much more dialogue from the lotus and other possible characters only found in this mode.

The weapons system and mods system would be altered to fit the style of solo campaign feel, and you can only hold a maximum of 5 weapons at any given time, but can use them in any mission, instead of a consumables screen it would be a weapon screen. Mods are limited, but either buffed or altered to allow mod-less gameplay more achievable, and are bought as upgrades instead of dropped by enemies (except for some boss missions which would grant weapons upgrades for free). for example, mods that increase damage would be removed as well as multishot, but weapons' base damage would be altered so you wouldn't need them, as well as slightly easier enemies (with difficulty level settings as well). Defense would be removed, and survival and mobile defense would be reduced so solo play is easier.

Instead of crafting weapons, weapons are bought directly with credits (a different set then multiplayer) and anything bought in campaign mode would not effect the multiplayer portion. Warframes would be unlocked after defeating a boss, and there would be Mini-bosses that also unlock frames when defeated (like the stalker for example, who would unlock his suit when defeated) and can then be purchased with credits. you can have 2 warfames at a a time and can not be increased.

When playing Multiplayer (warframe as it is now) you can unlock special items for the Campaign mode, such as weapons skins, color packs, and even special weapons or mods, that are only playable in the Campaign mode. Like, defeating the Stalker has a chance to drop a physical glowing card that unlocks the "dark Sector" color pack, which is essentially the stalker's color pack to be used in campaign mode on your warframe.

Basically, the point of all this is i love playing warframe, but the Lore seems apart from the actual gameplay. we get lore in a section of the menu, or from videos/spoilers, but never by actually playing the game. seeing a cutscene where Vor is heading to Phobos to team up with Lech Kril (these bosses are never killed, just defeated in which they must retreat, and this is where you finally get to kill them) and during which the Lotus tells you lore in game, stuff about them and how they came to be, so you actually FEEL as if your learning about the game by playing it. right now, i feel as if i stand there at my defense post, slaughter hundreds of enemies, but it never gets me content, and i never feel as if im "winning the war" by killing bosses or enemies. i want a Different mode that combines the elements it has now with gameplay that makes you feel as if your actions are doing something.

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