This blog is dedicated to my experience and feedback on the Eximus Shield Osprey reward after achieving the first rank with the Cephalon Suda syndicate, the Eximus Corrupted Lancer reward for the Arbiters of Hexis, and the Eximus Roller from Steel Meridian.

Shield Osprey


When spawned into the mission on Mimas, saturn, it spawned as a level 22 Guardian Eximus Shield Osprey. If you don't know what a Guardian Eximus does, it basically will pulse occasionally which will recharge shields, separate from the shield recharge link the osprey gives.

It had decent enough stats and it's own shields recharge rather quickly. When linked, the delay between getting hit and your shield recharging is significantly reduced, and the shield recharge rate is also increased, along with the bonus 200 shield while linked.

There are however, critical downsides to this specter. Unlike normal specters, they do not teleport to you if you are far away or if they are stuck. In the case of this specter, it also would prioritize following me although it would have the nasty habit of leaving me to go next to an enemy (even though it can't fight back) meaning if you are surrounded by enemies it will want to go around. At one point, it got stuck in this one area of the map because there were enemies spawning all around, and it couldnt take the initiative to follow me, and was eventually destroyed as i had to go somewhere else to use the life support.

Corrupted Lancer


Spawned a level 22 Leech Eximus Corrupted Lancer. With Leech, the specter gains health by damaging enemies, which allows it to survive alot longer than normal.

Like the Shield Osprey specter however, the corrupted lancer specter seems to have the exact same AI code as normal corrupted lancers, meaning it will often run to find cover and then stay in that cover until enemies are nearby, making it useless in anything other than defense missions.

When there aren't any enemies around however, the specter will follow you close like normal, but the instant it detects enemies it will run and hide.

After a while of the specter staying in the room in the picture, it eventually was coaxed out into the big gun room of the tileset, while still taking cover. i eventually had to leave to use life support in which it quickly disappeared off of the minimap, dying.

Eximus Roller


Spawned a level 33 Leech Eximus Roller.

To be perfectly honest with you i have nothing positive to say about this one. i really don't. Just like a normal roller, it does extremely low damage, attacks slowly, and will often just sit there confused. With this last specter, i used it along with a Vapor specter of mine, along with the Corrupted Lancer and Shield Osprey rewards with this result:

The roller was the first to die, hardly making it past one round of the Infested Defense. The second to die was my Vapor specter, ironically, and next the Shield Osprey, due to it being attracted to the Corrupted Lancer a bit more than the pod, meaning it was in harms way next to my Vortex power. The corrupted Lancer survived the longest as a result.

Recommendations if you get one:

*Use for Defense missions. It shouldn't move too far away and the constant shield pulse and shield link will be extremely useful in keeping shields up on the pod and your team.

    • In the case of the Shield Osprey, it will actually take the initiative to stay close to the pod, while other specters may take cover or engage enemies directly.

*Use in open areas. If enemies spawn behind areas it will often go within visual range of the hiding enemy and away from you.

*Use a Rejuvenation aura. I have not tested this out yet, but i am assuming it can only be healed by the rejuvenation aura like normal specters. correct me if i am wrong.

The Shield Osprey and the Corrupted Lancer are the best rewards out of the three in my opinion, and both together work really well as the lancer is a leech meaning that little shield buffer helps him avoid alot of damage.

Also, make damn sure that if you use one in a mission, you plan on staying for more than a little while because they are fairly expensive at 2,500 points for 5. Also, while being in a high rank, you can use up the points of the previous rank. i did this by accident, and now i am -2500 in the hole for my rank.


With regards to the shield osprey reward, i did use it on an Infested Derelict defense up to wave 25 with this interesting result. The shield osprey immediately hovered over to the pod and seemed to prioritize saying with the pod. I have a theory on this result: the pod has a high threat level, and since it is allied with the player, it will go towards the ally with the highest threat level, which would be the pod. It stayed smack in the center while it's links were long enough to stretch to the nearby crates, giving the players standing on them shield bonuses. It survived the entire time with only a little health damage due to me running out of energy for vortex for a moment.

Which One Would You Prefer?

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Cephalon Suda Reward Shield Osprey

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