In the new event, The Gradivus Dilemma, the Grineer and the Corpus finnaly snapped, and are in open war with each other, with both sides fairing quite equally. The Tenno are the only ones that can sway the balance of power from one faction to another, and while great rewards are offered by either faction for assisting them in battle, grave rewards may soon follow. 

No matter which side you choose, you will recieve a special badge if you do at least 5 missions. You can also do more then just fight for one faction, but weapon rewards are based on who wins, and who you had the most points of.

Fight for Corpus:

And they win: Corpus badge (5 missions), Prova Vandal (25 missions), Detron

And they lose: Corpus badge (5 missions), Machete Wraith (25 missions), Brakk Blueprint

Fight for Grineer:

And they win: Grineer badge (5 missions), Machete Wraith (25 missions), Brakk

And they lose: Grineer Badge (5 missions), Prova Vandal (25 missions), Detron Blueprint.

basically, if you chose a faction, do 100 missions, and they lose, the tier 3 reward will be the blueprint of the weapon of the other faction. you get both the weapon and the other weapon blueprint if you fight for the team that wins.

Personally, i am fighting for the Corpus. Why? After years of fighting both the Grineer and the Corpus, we have kept both in place, even while only being a small percentage of what either faction is in numbers. Although i hate to see my fellow Tenno become experiments for Alad V's twisted greedy mind, The balance of power shall not fall on the Grineer, as they already have more power then the Corpus and to obtain balance, they must be put in their place. 

Here is more of my choice, represented in this crude graph. the Corpus are fewer in numbers then all the other factions, besides the tenno, but due to their technology, they equal the grineer in this battle. although evil and corrupt, they do prefer diplomacy and bargaining rather then brute force. (more peaceful in the long term). The grineer have the second largest numbers of the factions, besides the infested which consume all factions, and prefer brute force, slavery, and mass numbers to get their way. although in the short term, them winning is a good thing, this will increase this brown circle even more, meaning the system will contain more violence and evil then before. 

Fighting for the corpus means the Small group of tenno (they did not specify how much, but it didnt sound like more then 100 or so) will fall to Alad V, but this means reducing the size of the grineer bubble, reducing their influence. honestly, i feel this would balance the 2 factions. If you think about what Alad V says if you fight for the grineer, he's right, sargas ruk clearly says "you serve me well". you are not his ally, he sees you as one of his men, a slave, rather then a partner. 


Who are you choosing to fight for and why? are you choosing the corpus like me but have a different reason why? (the Detron perhaps?). are you choosing the grineer? how come? 

To me, it seems as if DE wants us to choose the grineer. why? grineer is labeled "Loyalty", and corpus are labeled "Sacrafice", which basically tells you do you fight for justice and peace or sacrafice and corruption, which is not really the case. however, either they are testing us to see if we fall for this wording, or, they want us to choose grineer because they have more of the grineer tileset done then the corpus one, or vise versa. i have a feeling this event is tied to the new tilesets, and winning a faction will make one come out sooner then the other, but i can't say which. 

Event ends october 30th

(also as a note, i am pretty sure i got the rewards thing correct lol)

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