so, i was curious about what i would get percent wise or whatever, for the daily logins after (about update 8.2). before update 8.2, i would get forma, catalysts, and credits nearly every time i logged in (mostly credits). however, after update 8.2, i counted up what i got on a list. (wasnt on for one week, and missed a few days for the big rewards, so not counting them). i got these exclusively:

  • Primary XP (whenever my rifle was rank 30 too, not once when it was needed)
  • Dual zorren blueprints
  • Secondary XP
  • Gorgon blueprints
  • 2 Vauban blueprints
  • 10,000 credits
  • %off platinum awards when i didn't have any way of buying platinum.

essentially, crap. after update 8 i never got a single forma, catalyst or reactor, or anything i could honestly use. either the random generator is messed up and the good stuff has been extremely lowered. i have only gotten credits and xp for the past couple weeks as well, so more then 14 days of nothing but useless xp, or 10,000 credits.

To add to the pain of getting tricked into thinking your going to be rewarded for playing more, the rewards themselves suck, and the ones that are useful drop once or twice per month at BEST. new rewards should be in order. i suggest:

1-2 days: swap xp for

  • random Team Bonus Consumables blueprints
  • random clan resource (this helps newer players get ready for clan weapons)

3-4 days (one star) swap xp for

  • random Team Bonus Consumables (not blueprint)
  • random Color square (not a whole color pack, just a single square at random)

5-6 days (2 stars) swap xp for

  • Discount on platinum purchases reward (reduce the cost of buying stuff with platinum, this is different from the plat discount rewards)

7+ days (3 stars) swap xp for

  • Completed clan resource (like a mutagen sample)
  • A blueprint for the newer weapons that cost 50,000 credits

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