There is alot of controversy over how the universe in Warframe began, Mostly because although Dark Sector most certainly does not exist in Warframe currently, warframe uses many of the styles and art in dark sector. I am here to speculate, which means i don't claim to know anything. However, please note that although i may make good points as to Dark Sector having nothing to do with Warframe (which is what this blog is going to be about), it could very well be proven false with official DE statements about it. Until then, i will point out my views on this issue. (because i have nothing better to do but make people scoff at me .-.)

Opinions on why i'm right/wrong or whatever are welcome, but please remember that do not have time to write a blog on every single lore and fact in the game. as you can tell, its this large with just a few references, so i may in fact be wrong on some parts. I also sort of created my own lore and speculation, if you appreciate reading the entire thing.

Recent comments made by DEMegan has hinted a connection, even if it is simply slight, between warframe and dark sector (besides the obvious) so again, take this blog as an opinion that reflects a business motive used alot in gaming (reusing past game material).

Why do you think Dark Sector is apart from Warframe?

Mostly because although jokingly and lightly announced by DE that warframe is a "sequel" to dark sector, i feel people misinterpret alot of these connections and lore as being cannon. DE created dark sector and were proud of it, but it wasn't exactly what they really wanted in a game, so they started over, using visuals and themes from dark sector to create a brand new game themed around "ninjas". Yes, warframe uses a great deal of lore and art from dark sector, but that is only because warframe is a better representation of what they were trying to make in the first place. If i created a game, and the game turned out to be less of what i expected, then i had the chance to create a game that fully and exceeded my hopes for what i imagined, i would include parts from my old game as well.

Excalibur is modeled after hayden tenno's suit in dark sector, and is labeled as the "first" warframe. Recently, excalibur got a new skin to celebrate warframes 1 year anniversary (celebrating being in beta for one year is an odd thing to celebrate >_>)and in the description (and it's look) directly references dark sector, more then anything (other then the glaive). Does this mean Hayden was the first Tenno in Warframe? No. as surprising as it sounds, i still don't believe that DE is attempting to directly link the two games. I also don't believe that in the end of warframe, they will eventually include lore that confirms that hayden tenno was the first.

Okay i admit, they did once say "hayden tenno was the first tenno" but think about it, do you think they mean "hayden tenno was the first tenno in Warframe"? i don't think so, i feel they mean hayden tenno was the first representation of what they were trying to make all along in a game character. I feel the statement could go either way but something tells me that although DE wants to bring parts of dark sector into warframe, i don't think they are willing to combine the two games as being one.

Main Point

My main point of all this is to remind you that they are separate games. In theory they are related but there is one main issue with them being related besides the above: Warframes in this game were created in the Void, not from proceeding generations of the type on Earth in dark sector. Essentially as far as the Orokin were concerned, there was no hayden tenno or anything like him, and they themselves created excalibur and the other warframes. This is one of the main points why i feel the games are not connected other then fancy easter eggs and art rip-offs. The orokin were the ones that started the beginning of the Tenno.

The Void

however, there is one way for Warframe and Dark Sector to be connected, although this still does not allow dark sector to directly create the events of warframe: The Void. Even now in warframe, the void is still unknown, even to the now deceased orokin. All we know is it is a very dangerous place, and apparently harbors the Technocyte virus itself. Void storms exist, pulsing with energy. The void is also (please correct me if im wrong on this, i have no screenshots) a color-negative version of the star chart; a white nothingness filled with blackened spots.

What could the void be? A rip in space-time, a wormhole, a portal, etc. Where am i going with this? The void could be a rip in time or another universe, which connects the Warframe universe to the Dark Sector universe. I say time and time again that warframe and dark sector did not happen in the same universe, and this could be a way to still make that statement correct. Sometime after the events of dark sector, in that particular universe, a rip in time or a portal appeared on both universes. perhaps this portal was created by the orokin. In the Warframe universe, where hayden tenno never existed, the Orokin either created the portal or found it, and began traveling through it. After studying it for some time, they found that the Void was actually a conduit to another universe.

What happened after this could be under scrutiny. Either the Orokin found Technocyte specimens floating in this zone, or they traveled through to the other dimension, where the Technocyte has rid that version's solar system of all life except for itself. They either kept it in the void for study, or brought it back to their own universe, but regardless they noticed that it had begun to affect them, changing them and melding with them. At the very same time, the "Sentients" appeared, and they eventually used this newfound enemy against the sentients, using Warframes. Now, what could the sentients be? In this universe, there are most likely races of humans who were advanced, but not technologically evolved like the Orokin, and these sentients could have been these less advanced humans who succummed to the Technocyte, as the orokin experimented.

These now adapting, mutated humans began to act like the Borg off star trek, they began to copy and assimilate technology the Orokin were using against them, slowly beginning to become more powerful. Fortunately for the Orokin, their advanced anatomy had allowed some who survived to control and assimilate the virus before it took control of their minds, blending with the soldiers powers and enhancing them. Using these powerful soldiers, they made them wield old technologies, blade and gun, which the adapting virus could use but could not wield as well as the Tenno, as they were made of a similar virus if not the same.

Some time passes and a great ceremony commences, signalling the fall of the sentients, or at least the assumption of their passing. Instead of accepting a veterans honor for freeing the orokin of their enemy, the Tenno turned upon them. There is alot of debate on why they did this as well, but going by my story they could have turned upon the Orokin for using them as tools, perhaps growing mad with power seeing how they could defeat an enemy the orokin could not. Perhaps they saw a flaw in the Orokin, perhaps the tenno knew that the Orokin were experimenting on innocent humans, who knows.


It is more likely to me that Dark Sector is simply a different game then Warframe, not existing in the same make-believe universe. There are ways of connecting the two, such as the Void, but they generally do not exist as one. DE toys around with the idea simply because in a sense, Warframe is dark sector, and vis versa.

I would like to hear your thoughts, especially if you found the time to actually read the entire thing.

Edit: my head hurts after writing this much.

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