For a while now there has been a small wiki issue that i have been occasionally correcting. It involves the description of the planet, and who "controls" it.

Naturally, you would think to yourself "Saturn is ruled by the Grineer, but the Corpus hold every single mission except the boss level, so the ruling faction must be Corpus". <---just an example


There is a few main reasons why in this scenario, Grineer are still indeed the Ruling faction.

  1. The boss on the level is currently still Grineer, and a "boss" essentially means they are in watch/control/inhabit that planet
  2. The description still states that it is a Grineer stronghold
  3. Invasion missions are like occupations. for all intents and purposes, the level may be blockaded by the Corpus, but their are still Grineer around on the planet.

What NOT to do when editing any of the Planets description:

Ceres is a planet where the Corpus are the controlling faction, with the exception of a few Missions and the Boss being Grineer

This is false, because although the Corpus control most of the missions, they are not the ruling faction, thus, are still Grineer.

Instead, this would be more appropriate:

Ceres is a planet where the Grineer are the controlling faction, with a high amount of Corpus influence.

The first line "Ceres is a planet where the Grineer are the controlling faction" should always be written that way, unless something major is done the the planet system. The second part however, should be written in any way that best reflects the other faction's occupational percentage. If the Corpus only control one mission, then "The Corpus however have a minor influence". If they control all missions except for the boss level/one level then "The Corpus however dominate the majority of the missions".

word the second part in however way you want, just remember that the "controlling" or "ruling" faction is based on the boss level of the planet, OR it's description. Same goes for the Ruling Empire section in the infobox, that is the same as the ruling faction and thus should stay the same unless DE does something drastic with the planet structure.

I didn't want to waste a blog on this, but i suppose it helps keep the planets sections organized a bit more.

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