(This is essentially a more in depth and revised comment i posted on a weapon concept post on the forums, shown Here

Too often it seems, at least for me, weapons are released that look really nice or have neat animations, but when actually using them they give completely opposing feedback than what you originally expected. I had this experience when first using the Panthera's normal attack mode, where when you fire you feel as if the blades are being ejected by a rubber band or something, the audio feedback dosn't match the look of the weapon whatsoever.

This kind of this is a recurring theme, as if DE dosn't think about this sort of thing before releasing a weapon or something. Even more bothersome, is i rarely ever see this kind of problem put forth to DE on the forums, and usually even then it's about a weapon bug, not them expecting the weapon to function a certain way and when it didn't it ruined their whole experience with it. Which begs the question, if you have an expectation of how a weapon will perform when using it (not talking about damage or anything, necessarily) and you find that the weapon dosn't really seem to match what you are looking at, does it give you the same dissapointed, jarring feeling?

Examples of criteria i would think of would be how it reloads, what it sounds like when it reloads, the sound of it firing, ect. Like the Aksomati with fire rate mods equipped. without it, the weapon looks and feels like it should but when the fire rate is increased the weapon dosn't have any feedback anymore, as if you are just holding a shaken up can with holes in it, bullets spreading out so fast that the audio and recoil dosn't match the amount of bullets you are throwing out.

DE dosn't really put too much attention into that sort of feedback which really rubs me the wrong way honestly. It's why i use critical delay on my grakata regardless if i could be doing more dps, its because i want it to feel good when using it. People who didn't learn how to play games through feedback probably don't understand this concept of feedback, but it's a serious part of whether or not i enjoy a weapon.

For example: when looking at the top picture it looks to me that it would sound a cross between the clunky sound of a soma with the power behind the normal latron, combined and made into a semi-auto puncture and impact focused weapon.

The second one however, gives the impression that there is a more futuristic feel to it, so the sound would be a cross between a latron prime "prime" sound effect, with a slight whirring sound of electronics/plasma/etc. The second image would probably be a gun that dealt a small amount of electrical damage per shot (10?) along with the physical damage.

See how a slight change in looks gives me a completely different impression on how the gun would preform? but in warframe, the guns often do not perform and give the feedback that i expect, which ruins at least a third of my experience with the weapon. wish DE would focus more on this sort of thing. Headshot sounds have never played for clients in this game, which is relevant to this feedback issue i have with this game.

So what is your opinion? If you are a feedback sortof person, and you find a weapon dosn't give proper feedback to what you expect from the looks, animation, etc, do you find it slightly jarring which lowers your experience of fun when using said weapon?

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