It's the neverending debate that creeps it's way into almost every "VS" argument. "Which is better, Boltor or Soma Prime"? The real question is, which is more Fun? And to clarify further, what defines if something is fun or not in Warframe?

First off, a poll. This will determine your stance on what you define as fun with two different things, Warframes and Weapons in general. If an option is not listed, consider mentioning it below.

Likely, you may choose the last option as your opinion on Fun may differ or include many things. Try to choose the one that most fits within your parameters of fun.

What Makes A Warframe Fun?

The poll was created at 06:15 on February 2, 2015, and so far 647 people voted.
What Makes A Weapon Fun?

The poll was created at 06:16 on February 2, 2015, and so far 662 people voted.

Now that we got that out of the way, allow me to explain my stances on both of these polls. For Warframes, utility and looks often define what is fun to me, however utility itself is more important. For example, my favorite Warframe is Vauban, due to his utility mechanics. Tesla is a fun utility power that when combined with max efficiency and range, can provide some fun lighting bolt effects, which a chance to stun groups of enemies. Best used in conjunction with Vortex, as electric procs will cause it to chain to all enemies in the vortex, increasing damage significantly and with the Infested, may outright kill them faster than vortex could alone. But mostly, this is just for the fun of it, same with bounce.

My Favorite overall weapon has to be either the kraken or the Sicarus Prime, with both weapons conforming to the Weapon Feedback option in the second poll, although the Sicarus Prime sounds like a pure impact weapon even though it is not, so the kraken wins in that regard. So why is the Kraken Fun to use? The firing sound is one of few that DE didn't "improve" when they changed many weapon sounds, including the Gorgon weapon, which used to sound like it was being fed with a heavy ammo belt but now does not, and the sound is, imo, very sad. Anyway, along with the firing sound, the look of the weapon matches the sound it produces, making it sound as badass as it looks. The reload animation also improves this aesthetic, as your character slams the bottom on the thing as if it was clunky and could be reloaded with brute force due to its tough construction.

Your Turn

So what is your opinion of Fun in Warframe? Do you agree with my choices of Utility/Weapon Feedback, or have a difference answer? Please discuss below :)

Note: This pole is merely for personal curiosity

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