The first one i mention has been here for a very long time, the second and third a little sooner.

note: all of this was compiled before update 9 was released. these glitches will be under review until they are confirmed or fixed. stay tuned. (comment changes if update 9 fixed any of these!)

Fire Damage And Infested Ancients

  • When "stunned" by fire damage (ancients waving their arms when on fire) they will SLIDE toward you at a slightly faster speed then their running speed, until the fire damage stunning effect wears off in which point they will be close enough to whack you. This is especially problematic with Toxic Ancients as they will start on fire and slide toward you and bump into you, poisoning you
  • This glitch has been around for a very long time and still has not been fixed. Essentially, the fire damage stuns them, but does not overwrite their instinct "charge you" during the stun effect, and will slide toward you instead of staying in one spot. all other enemies when panicked by fire stay in one spot during the stun but ancients do not. this is OBVIOUSLY a bug because they do not walk toward you during the stun, they actually slide across the ground. 

Vauban Vortex Ghosts

  • Enemies sometimes will be left behind as dead but "ragdolled" enemies, floating in the air all crushed. sentinels and enemy radar will detect them and sentinels will behave as if the enemy is still alive, shooting or wasting stun/vaporize on them when near them. 
  • Like above, except enemies can sometimes disapear from the map, yet sentinels will still fire at empty parts of the map as if their are still enemies there. 
  • This does not happen everytime but every vortex has a chance to leave behind dead "ghost enemies" that will not count toward the enemy count (in defense it will say wave cleared even though sentinels detect the bodies as enemies) and will usually go away after a long period of time.

Flux Rifle Zombies

  • Similar to the Vortex glitch, sometimes enemies killed by the Flux Rifle will leave behind a dead, but moving enemy. a "zombie" enemy im dubbing it; they will turn toward you, sometime repeat a simple moving animation, but the enemy is dead and has no life or name when targeted, but essentially a "rag doll". They will vanish after around 5 seconds, maybe more. They will spew blood out when shot or meleed during this zombie period which can confuse teamates to waste ammo.

well, there you have it. a few glitches that annoy the hell out of me. the first one is the worst, since it has been around for a while yet DE does not seem to fix it. perhaps since it's not a huge deal but still, they should not slide like that, especially with weapons that deal 100% stun to them like the hek or flux rifle, they will move toward you even if you are shooting them with the weapon.

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