A made a blog previously noting a few glitches that have been around for quite a while and still were not fixed. Thankfully, most likely due to the new ancient design and not an actual fix on the matter, fire damage no longer seems to block stunning effects from 100% stun weapons, and they also do not seem to slide toward you at all or as much. 

The bug that made enemies inanimate when killed and would stand upright and turn towards you but were technically "dead" seems to have been fixed more or less. It only happens rarely now and when it does they disapear within a second or two instead of the 5 or 8 from before.

However Vauban's Vortex still seems to perminantly ragdoll enemies, so sentinels will shoot that area where the enemy died and will waste vaporize or the stun effects that wrym and dethcube have, sometimes even zapping thin air yet producing a cloud of mist and a death sound as if it actually hit an enemy. This is very annoying on defense as the sentinels will constantly fire at nothing.

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