These issues actually apply to both Gorgon weapons in general in reality, but it also includes some beef with the new one as well.


1. the obvious lack of any polarities. One will make the argument that the twin wraith weapons also didn't add a polarity, but then again it had a polarity to begin with.

2. The sound. this isn't a nerf it? the sound has been changed several times, and each time it was changed it sounded less and less threatening. Its not the sound quality that gets to me, its the feedback it gives you. When you fire a bb gun and end up with nuclear explosions, something ain't right. The gorgon sounds less powerful then it actually is, not to mention the wraith version uses the same exact sound sample (perhaps just too late to add or something?)

That's really about it honestly so don't accuse me of disliking the gun, i like everything else about the gorgon wraith because i have always liked the gorgon, despite it now sounding like a toy.

I suppose i could note how you can't change it's color but it isn't really a big deal since i own the "Dawn of the dead" skin, in which i can change the color.

On a similar note:

I just don't see it

Don't ask me why i thought this was hilarous, maybe because it is supposed to be a "Mobrid" skin but it's more like a Kawaii skin if you ask me haha.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the gorgon wraith?

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