First off i want to remind you that i love Warframe, and me stating anything here is simply my opinion on this whole "Fantasy Food" contest by Wikia.

What is "Greedy Milk"?. The term was uttered by a Grineer boss General Sargas Ruk when referring to the Corpus during an event.

Rraahudd Tenno! Now we fight together! Now we crush the greedy milk from their skulls. The Corpus will pay for their crimes with their useless lives.

This was an over-exaggerated term used by the character to express his anger at the corpus's greed. However, one point is seriously overlooked by the community who chose to allow it to compete in Wikia's Fantasy Food contest. It's not a food in warframe. It was a phrase that was turned into a meme drawing by a warframe community member.

Technically, since there are no apparent rules however, Greedy Milk is technically eligible, since there are no rules saying the food can also be created by the community, or rules saying it must be actually in the game, cartoon, or movie.

If these rules were specified, i would not have a problem with the meme being eligible, but since no rules exist specifying this, i just wonder what other foods could technically be eligible in this context with such a broad category.

It's not like i am going to start a protest to stop greedy milk from winning, i am just pointing out that because the "food" never actually existed in Warframe, it seems odd that it was eligible. Unless i missed something.

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