As far as i can tell, i am almost exclusively the one who is monitoring this Wiki for spam related to trading. Often, i will happen upon a page with trade comment spam from last december that hasn't been checked.

I am asking for additional (but Not urgent) assistance in tracking down and removing this old trading spam and keeping new ones at bay. Rhino and related parts seem to be quite hot right now for this sort of spam.

To non-admins and anonymous users: Redirect your trading inquiries to the Trading Board instead of in the comments of pages.


  • Trade comment in a blog loosely talking about trading
  • Talking about how he/she sold it for "X" platinum, as long as it does not include a request to buy or sell.

Not Acceptable (eligible for termination)

  • Comments exclusively asking to buy or sell something
    • Example "selling this mod for 40 plat IGN: IDontReadPolicies34"
  • Comments offering to trade for said item
    • Example "willing to trade this mod for something else IGN: PlatinumBroz45"

Questionable (depends on context)

  • Asking for players to buy/give/trade said item for them (delete or place notice to redirect their comment to the Trading board instead).
    • Example "I can't get this mod, can someone give this mod to me?" (with no game username)
      • Delete any comments replying to this post that fall under "Not Acceptable" then post a link to the trading board. 
    • If more then 1 of this kind of comment exists on a single comment page, delete all except the recent one and use the method above. This allows others to see that trading goes to the trading board and also prevents users from replying to the others.

If the user who posted the message is a registered user, please notify the user on his/her wall with a message about the trading comment and redirect them to the trading board. Messages posted by anonomous users (A Lone Tenno) simply avoid sending a message. 

Any assistance in the matter is appreciated as i cannot be on the wiki 24/7 (although my schedule shifts around) and cannot monitor every page. I would prefer if messages on my wall regarding trading spam notices would be kept at a minimum (if you cannot delete these spam messages yourself) unless it's more then 1.

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