A cool thing you may or may not already know, when you go down and you use a Team Heal Restore or Medium Team Heal Restore, you can revive yourself or surrounding allies! this is very useful on defense, as you can place a team heal restore in the middle of your teamates, and if they go down, a pulse will revive any in it's radius.

however, the fact that it has a long delay between pulses can make this unreliable. but you can use it to self-revive when you go down. simply open up the inventory section when going down, select a team heal restore and bam, you are revived!

note that the amount of health you gain back is determined by the pulse, in the video below, it was 30 HP (when you go down you usually have 1-5 hp)

this may be a bug or something, but i highly doubt it. just do not get too reliant on this method in case it is an overlooked thing that DE will change. 

Warframe How To Self-Revive!-100:11

Warframe How To Self-Revive!-1

Self reviving

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