Yes it could be anything, even a new weapon, but it looks extremely similar to the Sicarus so i will assume it is. I recently decided to make some of the "crappy" weapons to re-explore them and add them to my inventory since i have the space to do so now. It's half decent, honestly. I will make a blog making my list of "tier" weapons, in my opinion, and the Sicarus ranks as a tier 1 weapon. still, it holds up pretty far with the right mods. I don't like burst fire, and i used to hate the sound of it, but since they changed the sound it actually "Feels" alot better then it used to. 

I also made Ember a few days ago too, and was about to forma her until i saw the design council post. 

Thoughts on the potential (obvious) Sicarus Prime? Ember Prime? Glaive Prime? 


Sicarus prime's damage will jump to 30 and have a Template:Barpol instead of a defense polarity. The fire rate will be slightly increased, But the accuracy decreased.

Ember prime will include a Template:Vpol, simply by how more "offensive" she looks

Glaive Prime will include a Template:Barpol and have a slightly faster charge time, slightly higher charge damage, more regular attack damage, but a slower regular attack rate.

lets see how well my estimations are haha. 

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