i am not one to understand and remember complex instructions to sign up for a credit card (which i wouldn't anyway, since you have to pay them to keep YOUR money) and i don't understand how to easily and safely set up a credit account at my local credit union. I signed up for Paypal, but they fucked up in the registration and now require a credit card to continue which of course, i don't have, which also prevents me from ever getting paypal since i used my real information and i put all the info they needed to sign up. My parents don't have a credit card and they can't refil their paypal so i cant mooch of them to buy me platinum either. I do know however, how to fill out and send money orders, i do that once and a while. does DE not want physical cash instead of digital money? seriously, where is this world going where people are trusting all their money in corrupt banks that use your money to gamble and bid......i have cash in my hand, and i have no way to simply shove it in DE's face in exchange for plat before the founder's program ends. and when i get the chance too, they will shut it down. I also have a K mart gift card with money on it, cant i just use that? ugh. 

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