I noticed that with update 18.6, the left door on the back area of your orbiter is now covered with infested mass and some interesting and creepy sounds are heard when you are close enough.

YOUR SHIP IS INFESTED?! (update 1800:35

YOUR SHIP IS INFESTED?! (update 18.6)

I wonder what it could possibly be. Clearly it's an easter egg towards upcoming content, maybe a new quest that is infested related or it will entail an entirely new area on your orbiter that you can enter (once you clean it up?) that is infested related.

Part of me thinks that doing the Inaros quest and keeping the Sacred Vessel somehow brought infested onto your ship, but i don't think the infested mass in the corner has anything to do with quests, although i would like to hear if anyone dosn't have this mass in their ship and then what quests and such they haven't completed yet.

This is the first time in a very long time that infested were even mildly creepy.

I have also heard that this is timed growth, and that this area is actually growing bigger every hour. Can't confirm this though. 

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