"Honorable Board,

The dogs are barking again.

They somehow figured out we have been stockpiling.

This upsets them given how we have been tightening the leash on their contracts.

The Sisters are demanding we lower our prices or suffer retribution by some new supership they have.

Obviously, they do not teach Economics at Obdience Training.

My recommendation:

Raise the prices, call the dogs' bluff... and laugh when the imaginary Fomorian ships do not show up and do not disrupt the stockpiles

Alad V. grineer relations"

The Dogs: most likely what the corpus are refering to as the Grineer, since they have a strict contract with them and they are quote "tightening the leash" on them.

Fomorian Grineer ships?


I think it is safe to assume that there will be an event where missions are mixed with both corpus and grineer fighting on new war ships, or simply large raid missions on the new grineer Fomorian ships while battling corpus along the way. Since every event has had a reward for completion i am curious what the reward could be and how it will be accomplished.

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