Closing blog due to it being old/out of date.  In case you don't know, you get blueprints for tenno holograms when completing the new Rescue missions. 


1. They are not reusable blueprints. Although this is actually a good thing since it requires you to still play the game mode more than once.

2. The Ai is better then you expect, but still not optimal

  • The specter i had was the highest tier so i had to have max out or tricked out builds to reach 1,800 conclave points. He was a Rhino with an Ignis, a Stug, and a Jat Kitang. After a while he casted his iron skin and held up fairly well, but he would not stop reloading his damn ignis. even if he never fired a shot he would reload. It was a bad choice i know but i didn't know the fact below.

3. Once you select your warframe and all your mods and equipment and build it, you cannot change that loadout, you are stuck with that build until the next time you try to build that tire. hopefully this will change so it will act as another build letter or something.

4. They are single use minions. Yes, even if they survive the mission, or you decide to quit the mission for whatever reason after using it, it will be gone forever until you remake it again. the highest tier one costs 100k credits alone to build, 8 hours, 20 platinum rush, and i think it was 10 thousand ferrite. turns out the cheaper the specter, the higher amount of resources but the lower the credits. the cosmic one costs way more credits but very little resources.

So when they were making this idea the thought never crossed their mind to make them like sentinels are? as in, they follow you around and if they die they don't revive for that mission (unless you brought more than 1 of course) and when the mission is over your in the lobby and you have it still. i suggested this on the hotfix page but it won't even get a single like, as usual with my 'good' ideas. hmpth.

anyway i haven't slept in...32 hours as i am writing this so if i sound odd thats probably why.

What do you think about Rescue 2.0 and Tenno Specters in general?

also goodnight/morning ~

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