As a Vauban main and have been for most of my time playing Warframe, i've been wanting a bounce buff. The ability first did damage apon impact, then suddenly for months bounce did no damage at all, then DE fixed it so it dealt damage again, but something was always missing. We all found this out when "parkour 2.0" was released, allowing players to achieve the heights of bounce without having to spend 50 energy, and without having to be Vauban.

I already made a Forum Post about this suggestion, but i wanted to talk about it further here since the forums are currently getting spammed by frame nerf/buff requests and Wukong threads.

First off, i'll just outright the buff that i suggested, and then talk about it for a while as well as Vauban's role in Warframe as a whole, from my perspective:

For starters, the major change to the ability would be removing the use limit of the bounces entirely. To offset this, each instance of bounce has a duration of 30 seconds at base, and only three bounce pads can be placed at any given time, as casting another will simply make the first one vanish. This alone is a fairly decent buff to the ability but not enough to really make bounce useful, at least in terms of damage.

Damage wise, bounce will now deal 300 impact damage, and still have the added 100% chance to inflict a non-damage magnetic proc for utility purposes. This can be increased to pretty decent levels with power strength but due to it being impact damage it's not really the way to go, unless that would be your preference. The energy cost is also reduced to 20 energy instead of 50, making it cost a little less than Tesla (which should get it's own slight buff too).

Now for how duration will factor in. When a bounce pad is used, whether it be by a player or enemy, the pad will recharge before it can be used again, which takes 3.5 seconds. Power duration adversely affects this recharge cooldown, meaning a higher duration means a shorter cooldown time and thus faster uses of the bounce pad. Modding for maximum efficiency (often using a max Fleeting Expertise) will cause the pad to not only last alot shorter, but the recharge time between uses will also increase, encouraging positive duration on builds.


Irradiated Ejection - Bounce

"Magnetic proc is replaced with Radiation, disorienting enemies in more ways than one."

simply put, instead of a magnetic proc, enemies affected by bounce now get a radiation proc, very useful for use around choke points like doorways to make enemies focus on their allies.

Vauban for me is one of the best frames, he is #1 in most regards along with Limbo, Ember, and Hydroid. Most players do agree that vauban is very useful, but tend to choose other frames that deal heavy damage to enemies than crowd control. Which is fine, everyone has their own playstyle and depending on how you play, your favorite warframe will be different than mine and even if it is vauban, it may be for different reasons.

Tesla is still lackluster, but i could really only seeing two major changes, lower energy cost (around 15) and a higher chance to stun the enemy with an electric proc. Currently, you have to spam tons of them to gain any sort of crowd control and by then you will have eaten up 50 energy or so even with high efficiency, where a Bastille will suspend them for around the same cost and has an augment that keep enemies out of the radius (except infested -_-) The augment isn't bad either, as it deals the 150 slash each second, and the teslas still retain their shocking ability, and my suggested buff to tesla would allow the augment to be more effective by keeping enemies stunned and in the beams.

I would be happy to talk about vauban and answer any questions why i like him, or share my build and my methods of staying alive in higher levels (besides just hiding in a corner). Or, listen to your reason why you like/dislike vauban and why you think my suggested changes would be good or bad, and why :)

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