Decided to make a quick mashup i've been dying to make for a while ^_^ mashup of the Heavy from Team Fortress 2 and Rhino/Gorgon from warframe. i might do more mashups later if i find the right images but they won't be as good as this haha.

I also have an Ember/Pyro video here too. i wish i could use the full valve meet the pyro video and do a proper full length mashup but i can't due to copyright reasons (less than 30 seconds is fair use and the song was from another video)

Warframe I Am Heavy Weapons Guy, And This Is My Gorgon00:34

Warframe I Am Heavy Weapons Guy, And This Is My Gorgon

Video :) (not what the thumbnail shows though!) also turn down your volume

Warframe Meet The Ember (Meet The Pyro Warframe)00:34

Warframe Meet The Ember (Meet The Pyro Warframe)

Meet The Ember

Heavy= Rhino (tankiest tank)

Demoman= Nova (warframe uses explosives)

Engineer= Vauban (tactical, deploys electric zappers)

Scout= Volt (fastest warframe, using speed)

Medic= Trinity (obvious)

Sniper= Banshee (her sonar and silence make her a perfect sniper class)

Spy= Loki (because he can go invisible and deploy a decoy)


by Gat235

Pyro= Ember (fire based frame)

Soldier= Excalibur (super jump)?

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