When the melee 2.0 system first came out, i was skeptical and outwrite appalled. Mostly because i had to find these rare mods, often from enemies i don't encounter as much anymore like the infested. I can only host if only one person is with me, and i can never find long lasting matches for Derelicts on the recruiting channel. Dark Sectors solved this enemy issue however, and after a while of playing i decided to try this "Melee-only" scheme that they encouraged users to try in their video on the new system.

As you can see on my profile page towards the bottom, there are still alot of items i have never used in the game, much of them being melee weapons. I don't have any more platinum due to my obsession with the Excalibur proto armor skin i bought, so i do not have reactors, catalysts, forma, or boosters. I can get the forma from the void but i'm too lazy right now.

Anyway, lately i've been finally getting bored of this game after playing it for 14 months (last february, week after open beta) and playing at some points 10 hours a day. It's taken me this long but with the new system, i have found a way to rekindle my love for Warframe, going into matches melee only. It's much more challenging and it opens up the possibility of actually dying from even weak enemies with some weapons. It also forces me to alter my builds to add stamina mods to my warframe, so i can be assured i can hack and slash all i want or block alot before having to worry about taking a tenno snooze behind a crate.

I still however, do not like stances for alot of weapons, such as the ones for dual swords, as honestly the combos seem more tactical and complicated than they need to be. With grineer especially, you will ready your combo then the bum runs away to take cover behind something, wasting your well timed super combo as his friend mr. bombard makes you eat dirt with his radial blast. (true story)

Overall though, the new system has brought a new way for me to try out levels and complete missions, without the temptation of one shotting the enemy with a gun. So what do you think? have you tried going into a mission using only your melee weapon, for more experience just to get rid of it or just to have it be more challenging? Or do you dislike the system altogether, or find gunplay much more viable?

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