• Dual Zorren - REASON: they do not ignore armor and even though they have a high crit rate, the fact that the low damage is reduced by armor anyway makes the crits affected by armor, thus, proving useless for anything above level 20.
  • Kestrel: - REASON: Although fun and all to be able to knock down enemies, the fact that it does not ignore armor means that you need to throw it 2 times right off the bat unranked to match the glaive at level 1 enemies, and more and more extra throws per level. i consider the kestrel a utility weapon rather then a practical means to dispatch enemies.
  • Orthos Prime: - REASON: Yeah yeah i know "ORTHOS AND ORTHOS PRIME IS BEST WEAPON EVER IN WORLD CUZ BIG CHARGE ATTACK AND BIG REACH AND COOL!!!!" and that's fine and all, it's perfectly fine for level 30 enemies or lower when properly modded as normal swings ignoring armor isnt a problem. on later levels you MUST souly use charge attacks otherwise your just tickling your enemies with a feather, which is sad because although it has spotty hit registering the regular attacks are really fun to use.

I am making this opinion blog about these because i made them all at the same time a couple days ago, and since regretting building each one. if the dual zorren's ignored armor (which they should, since the fang does more damage and ignores armor and attacks faster, making the dual zorren obviously a step down no matter how you slice it [get it, slice it?]).

If the Kestrel's throwing attack was at least innate armor piercing (on headshots or weakspots it would ignore armor only) then i would be OK with it. knocking an enemy over while doing around 20 damage isnt funny, no matter how amusing it may seem. when you are serious about doing damage the Kestrel is just a toy.

I have always had issues with the Orthos type weapons. i had orthos a few weeks ago and sold it once it reached rank 30, simply because i play infested defense more then any other mode or mission type, and trying to slash an incoming group of infested is futile as the enemy on your right for example wont get hit with every swing, or the enemy directly up against you, etc. the spotty hit registering is caused by the length of the weapon, which is a good thing and a bad thing. either way, the fact that it does not ignore armor only adds to my frustration.

i probably will sell the kestrel and dual zorren when they reach rank 30 but i will keep the orthos prime due to the fact that it is still just fun to use. 

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