sorry that i do not have a visual reference to back up or add to my blog, i am much too lazy to go in game and take screenshots atm.

Lets take the strun wraith for example, just because it has so many pellets and possible damage numbers for each. when shooting an enemy, an ancient for example, when i am not hosting, i will only see the damage numbers (or at least the majority of them are) from normal and crit damage, when i am the client. in other words, if i am not the host, i see less damage numbers (but still do the right amount of damage, although maybe a bit less?), and if i am host, i see a wonderful display of numbers in the double digits.

This creates the illusion that i am not doing as much damage if i am not host. this is probably just due to the lack of visuals but it seems as if i do less damage to enemies when i am the client or if there is lag. time and time again i will use pellet weapons on this game and only see half the damage indicators i should be seeing. is this intended for some reason to reduce lag?

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