Has anyone else noticed since, well, since around update 10-ish, if you are a client, headshots don't deal that satisfying headshot "crunch" sound when killing the enemy? It's certainly not a big deal, but the sound of headshotting that grineer who is peeking around the corner then hearing the messy "crunch" sound adds to the fun of using the weapon.

It may sound odd, but one of the reasons i stopped using my ogris is because i wasn't satisfied anymore when i killed a grineer with a headshot and just heard the explosion, as if i hit a dummy instead of a living thing. I would bring this up to DE in bug fixes/feedback or something, but i know because it is a very low issue thing it wouldn't get noticed. So i was wondering what you think, if you are shooting an enemy in the head and you hear that distinct crunching sound, does it add to the "feel" of the weapon or the fun of using it?

I have never seen this topic ever discussed about before, which adds to my sadness of it eventually probably being removed or never "fixed".

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