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i have been updating the mod pictures vigourously for several hours, but i need help on adding a few more UNRANKED mod cards, listed below. To make everything neat and tidy, and all the same, all mods should be unranked when viewed on the page, mostly to show the base amount and conclave at a glance at the card. if you find a page which uses an older version of the card, feel free to update it to the new version.

Catagories that are blank mean i have yet to even start on those, so you are free to begin there yourself. start from the top of the Mods list and work your way down, and be sure to post what mods you can't update in the comments below so someone else can do it for you.

"updated" meaning brand new pictures, where conclave (C) exists and the mod cost and polarity exists in the top right. please do not screeshot mods that are equipped into slots! This includes warframe powers as well.

to capture the picture properly, go to your arsenel tab, click "mods" then select the mod that needs to be updated, if you have it in unranked form, and it will show up on the left side bigger. press the [Print/SystRq] key after F12 (or near it) which will save the screenshot in your clipboard. open up a photo editing program (microsoft paint will work just fine for this) and press CTL+V. click and drag the photo to the top left to the top and left parts of the mod touch the edges of the editing area. click somewhere on the page to make the photo stick, then go down to the bottom right corner, and drage the white box until it touches the mod. Alternativly, you can use a program called Lightshot where you press the same key but you can select the area you want, although it will save in a slightly lower quality. either upload the photos and change them yourself, or post them below in the comments and i (or someon else) will add them for you. picture at bottom for help (sorry if it is really messy, i was rushing)

Example name when uploading then adding to the page: DiamondSkinMod.png (put each seperate words together and capatilize when needed, do not put the .png in the name, only when adding to the mod page!)

[this blog is currently being updated for the list below, mods listed i don't have/dont have them unranked]

Warframe mods: incomplete 

Sure Footed

rifle mods: incomplete 


Primed Chamber

Shotgun Mods: incomplete 

Ammo Stock


Cleanse Corpus

pistol mods: incomplete 

Lethal Torrent

Stopping Power

Stunning Speed

melee mods: incomplete


sentinel mods: incomplete


warframe powers: incomplete

Blade Storm , World On Fire , Crush , Null Star ,Worm Hole , Molecular Prime Rhino Stomp , Link , Bastille , Overload, Miasma

How to screeshot

(click to see full size)

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