Updated pictures of all the mods currently in warframe are needed, and is about halfway complete. At the bottom is a rough picture describing how to take a picture of the mod, if you have it. Then, either upload it to this blog here, or upload it and place it in the correct page yourself if you know how. If i am actively working on a section, "ongoing" will be written instead of "complete" or "incomplete".

Requirements: must be saved in .PNG only! (no .JPG or BMP for example). example of file name: DiamondSkinMod (put separate words together and capitalize when necessary). 

Must be Unranked and not currently installed! (the blue symbol in the bottom right shouldn't show, if it does, find where it is installed and remove it from the weapon/item first)

Any help is appreciated.

Needed Mods:

Warframe Mods: Complete!

Rifle Mods: incomplete

Primed Chamber

Shotgun Mods: Complete!

Pistol Mods: Complete! Melee Mods: Complete! Sentinel Mods: incomplete

Self Destruct

Warframe Power Mods: Complete!

Aura Mods: Complete!

How To Take Picture Properly

How to screeshot

(click to see full size)

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