Come My Fallen Foes, Assist me in plundering my prize! winners will be picked at random, so even just normal screenshots can win, which is fair i guess. i should get some coolness points though :3 unlike alot of people's entries i seen i trimmed out everything but the scene, no map or hud. i went solo into a capture with the bleeding key, and no health mod, barely survived after a disrupter nabbed me then when i got up a leaper pushed me into an electric pool lol. when i found the vault, it required bleeding, which amplified my key to only have like 15 hp. got tainted mag though, but whatever.

i posted the photo on facebook and someone at DE liked it at least, so i'm happy :) now to just get that overextended mod... >.>


oh and here is a bonus thing i whipped up with a video a shot a little while ago: Nekros, Thriller! (hope it dosn't get taken down on my channel)



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