i have no idea why i am so exited about this, and i have no idea why i am so exited that i had to make an entire blog on it.

CLONED SHIELD OSPREYS GIVE SHIELDS TO YOU AND YOUR TEAM. there, i said it. it's amazing. i REALLY hope this was intended by DE and it's not a bug or something, but i assume it isn't. i decided to play a survival on venus because i wanted to test out the Firestorm mod, when i noticed that the shield ospreys i cloned connected to me and gave me an extra (100,200,?) shield. it was a good thing too because it was a level with ice and i brought my infested build (no shield mod, only health mod) and the extra shield helped. 

Things to remember:

  • although they will grant you (100,200,?) shield, you must be closer then 10 meters from them to get the bonus.
  • They will not follow you or your team, and instead follow other corpus clones or hover toward enemies
  • they are destroyed easily by enemy fire and casting more then a few can be wasteful because of this

not sure if they grant bonuses to shield recharge rates but i have a suspicion they might, but i only played once before writing this blog so im not positive. if your shield is low, or even completly depleted, being connected with an osprey will near instantly recharge your shields fully and apply the bonus. this goes for the defense pod as well, insantly recharging shields on contact just like they do to corpus MOAs.

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