In case you didn't know, when enemies are Ragolled, some weapons can deal extra damage do them, by applying their damage to every body part at once. These include the Ignis flamethrower and the Embolist poison cloud pistol. With Vauban's vortex, enemies are sucked in and ragdolled, making it one of the best ways to utilize this method. However, there are many other ways to use this trick without relying on Vauban or warframe powers.

Jump Kick method: this method works best for heavy units, especially heavy grineer, and works better with the Ignis since it has a larger range then the Embolist.

preform a jump-kick by running toward the unit and jumping, knocking them down to the ground, ragdolling them for a short time, allowing the ignis or embolist to do that extra damage for a moment. with heavy grineer units this is much easier, as if they use their ground slam attack as you hit them, it will knock you down but also backfire on themselves as they ragdoll, making them fly in the air a short distance, giving you more time to spray them. can be used on corpus Techs or infested Ancients, but they are not ragdolled for very long and it might require aiming the ignis at them from behind as you hit them.

Kestrel/Kogake method: this is pretty straight forward, simply use the Kestrel/Kogake to ragdoll the enemy, then proceed to use the ignis or embolist if they are close enough.

Wrym Method: simply put, you can take advantage of wrym's crowd controlling stun ability, which ragdolls enemies near you. it has a cooldown however, so it should not be relied on too often. 

Shadows Of The Dead method: this method relies on Nekros's sofd power, but this is not the thing that ragdolls.

Some enemies with knockdown abilities (infested ancients/leapers/heavy grineer units, etc) will be used on enemy units by your clones, and if you stay by your clones you can use their knockdown abilities (whatever they may be, such as an infested ancient knocking down an enemy infested ancient) to your advantage and torch or spray them.

i personally use the jump kick method alot on grineer defense with Ash to take down annoying heavy units quickly, as the ignis does not effectively take them down as fast as other units, the the embolist requires you to get too close. just made this blog to maybe help some people out and list a few methods of ragdolling besides the infamous vortex method.

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