After recent polls and user input, this is how the Advantages/Disadvantages should be used from now on. If i missed something critical, please list it below.

Overall: Characteristics are now restricted to the actual characteristics of the weapon. fire rate, reload speed, damage types, etc. Anything else will be kept out of this section and instead be put (preferably on top) in the notes section of the weapon instead.

Not allowed:

  • Resource requirement costs, high or low, including forma
  • Any "Decent" listings, critical chance/damage, status chance, damage types.
    • Decent is considered average, please refer to this poll for references on what is considered decent. Anything lower then this amount can be listed in disadvantages as having a low % chance, and anything higher can be listed in advantages for having a good % chance. shotguns was not listed as the "decent" value changes by how many pellets they have. The more pellets the weapon has, the higher this value must be in order to be considered "decent".
    • Accuracy or Recoil listings as "decent" can be accepted as they will effect the weapon, however average or fair fire-rate is now allowed. 
  • No polarities as disadvantage. Heavily debated, this has been determined to be neutral to the weapon itself. Having a polarity however can be listed as an advantage.
  • Only able to hit single targets (melee) as a disadvantage. This one is to be judged on a case-by-case basis, as some melee weapons do only hit a single target, and can only hit more with a certain combo stance. Something like "can only hit multiple targets with the [insert melee combo name] combo" is appropriate, but simply "can only hit single target" is not acceptable.
  • Can hit multiple targets at once (melee) as an advantage. similar to above, most melee weapons, excluding daggers, can hit more then one enemy with at least one of their attacks. daggers require a stance mod in order to hit more than one, however. 

Rest assured, this does not mean that these cannot be put onto the page, they just no longer belong under "Characteristics". put these in an existing section (such as notes or tips) instead, preferably at the top.

Be sure to follow these guidelines when editing, as edits that introduce any of these into the characteristics will be removed. If you have any questions, feel free to put your input below but remember, this is the new system that we are now following, opinions from both sides have been stated on this blog and this one.

I have gone through all primary weapons and made the appropriate changes, although things like "requires a forma" may not be listed in the notes as i did a quick run to remove info, not add it. 

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