Few things we have noticed, that we want to mention again and/or clear up regarding weapon pages.


Format Update

We are changing our critical damage format from the {{WeaponInfoboxU11}} in accordance to the game format from percentage based value (e.g: 150%) into multiplier based value (e.g: 1.5x) along with the title Critical Damage to Critical Multiplier.

Advantage or Disadvantage?

Please follow the link Here for voting and discussion on this topic

2.0x critical damage is considered good and is an advantage, as the default is 1.5x (or 1.3x for a couple sentinel weapons). Unless the critical chance is 0.0%, critical damage of over 1.5x can be still considered advantageous.

Specific Damage Value

When inputting damage on the weapon infobox, whole numbers still need a decimal point and a zero to assure that it is exactly a whole number for consistency. This includes when inputting the specific damage types. This isn't much of an issue but i do see it occasionally on new weapons that come out.

See also

The see also section is designed to link users to other pages similar to the article in question. In this wiki, it is also there for specifically marking things related to the weapon or the enemy/boss that uses the weapon. There are times where this linking can become silly however, like linking every weapon that fires bolts or every weapon that deals mostly slash damage or something.

An example of a silly/pointless edit, is the previous see also on the Cernos page which listed the dread and paris in the see also header. Listing the other bows as in the said chapter is not needed unless they are actually related.

An example of an exception to the rule above is listing the Ogris on the Angstrum page, due to the lack of rocket launchers in the game. an addition of another rocket propelled launcher however should null the need for this see also example.

These rules are mostly in place due to our weapon nav, which gives a table at the bottom of the page which already organizes weapons by category. you can clearly see other bows there for example, so putting it in the see also section is redundant.

Just a quick touch up notification. :)

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