Akin to my last build challenge blog Here (that was promptly hidden due to influx of update 13 blogs >.<)

This challenge is similar and again, should be fairly easy for most players, but this one probably comes at greater risk due to Nova's low survivability stats and the power choice i have used for the challenge.

The Challenge

Utilizing Null Star as your only Warframe power, utilize the worst possible mods you can onto your Nova. Mods must either assist Nova the least, not at all, or actually degrade the effectiveness of the power.

Survive at least 10 minutes on Cassini Saturn and describe your run with detail below!


  • You can bring any melee weapon you prefer, but you may not bring a primary weapon. Your choice of secondary is up to you.
  • Your Aura choice may not be Energy Siphon or Rejuvenation
  • Every mod slot must be occupied.
  • If you post your build you used in the comments, either post a link to it or use the template below to display it. do not upload it to the wiki itself!
|alt=I do what I want}}

good luck ;)

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