This is my version and continuation of Elvis276's blog here. Also found here[[1]] on the Warframe forums.

certainly by now, most players get the picture that eventually, DE plans on making a prime version of every warframe in the game, as prime versions are "originals" and the ones we start out with are just versions crafted using spare parts.

However, on the subject of Valkyr, how is it possible for her to become primed? First off, remember how Valkyr came to be: She used to be a fully functional Warframe that was eventually discovered by Alad V and dissected of all Prime parts (this is an important note) as stated in "The Profit" trailor. Remember that mag was simply a placeholder as they did not have enough time to use the Valkyr model, which means it could have turned out in two ways:

1. The Valkyr we see today would have been in the holding device, as she was already stripped and ready to be transported to the Void. ("I commit thee to the void" may also simply be a reference to the void itself, as the void is what turned the Tenno into what they are, and may not exactly mean sending the frame into the void again). 2. DE could have placed the "Original" Valkyr into the holding device, a version of her with primed parts and "more" to her (unlike most frames which primes are just slightly more in terms of visuals).

If you think priming Valkyr wouldn't work because she is a "new" frame, remember that she was simply stripped of prime parts, meaning the Primed version of her still exists.

One of the more challenging aspects of a primed Valkyr actually goes deeper however, as a Primed version would have to be drastically different to be Lore-friendly. Remember, not only was Valkyr stripped down for parts, but she was also modified by Alad V with corpus technology, one of which is part of her hysteria power: Her holographic claws. Now there is a big problem, if you make a Primed Valkry, you need to remove this new addition to make it accurate with the lore.

However, again, Lore could still be worked in to match even this new addition. Valkyr could have also had a rage power, as she could have been the weakest of the frames that had to fall through the torment of the Void transformation into Tenno, leaving her angry and scared. Plainly put, the Valkyr now could be very similar to the Primed version, simply with more physical armor and no corpus add-ons.

On the topic of the Corpus add-ons, what do they do? One theory i have is the corpus technology blended into her inatomy is a direct result of her being stripped of her orokin technology, the Corpus add-ons are cheaper replacements for the ones that originally were apart of Valkyr. Once again, lore can still fit in even though her current form is very new, her primed version would look drastically different but contain higher more advanced combat potentional, with the original and more powerful Oroking technology in place.

What do you think? Should Valkyr be primed like all the other frames assumingly will? Or should she stay as a "new" frame, never revealing the prime frame she used to be?

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