Edit: removed the damage section of this blog due to the recent change (again). this also makes the damage numbers of the video below irrevelant, but still shows the power of the weapon. 

Penta Grenade Launcher

Warframe Penta Gameplay (High Level Infested)01:01

Warframe Penta Gameplay (High Level Infested)

High level infested carnage. Splendid!

First off, don't get me wrong, i LOVE this weapon. It was a real 'Blast' leveling it and i had a lot of fun playing around with ballistic grenades. So don't take my critism the wrong way, as im not exactly pointing out anything that someone smarter (including DE) will notice anyway.

Just for the hell of it, ill post positives this time! hooplah!

Positive Aspects

  • Very good crow control, and can be modded to work well with any faction.
  • Arcing can allow more control over the grenades versus the Ogris, as you can calculate arcs and also detonate when you please, in case you miss your target and they start to flee.
  • Ammo efficient, great for long defense missions or survival, and also making it easy to level up due to its very generous CC capabilities.

Negative Aspects

  • Mastery rank is not sufficient to justify it's rediculous damage. being able to stack 5 fully modded grenades in a general area then causing 3,000-30,000 damage to a single target for only rank 6, is too rediculous. 6 is still pretty high, but this thing honestly has a higher damage potential then the ogris. perhaps i am being a bit too harsh, but it should be at least mastery rank 7. at least. 
  • Even more deadly then the Ogris with heavy caliber. Seriously, grenades are pretty small compared to enemie body parts flying around and you can quickly lose track of where they are, and you might be standing on when you press the detonate button and kill yourself, even if your rhino. (if you don't nearly kill yourself, you didn't mod it right lol). i don't even dare using this without using Rhino or at least Frost, as even with iron skin+Blind rage, i often find myself nearly killing myself. Often caused by a odd bug but still, very dangerous. forces you to be extra careful.
  • It actually seems to suffer if you detonate grenades when they are on the ground, oddly. if you lob a grenade over a group and detonate it over their heads, it seems to kill them all or at least most, but on the ground and even if they are the only ones by it, they wont take any damage. It has the same problem with the Ogris in this way.

Notes on the Video: I was using Heat and Viral damage, which was doing normal and 25% less damge respectivly (this was during Damage 2.0 V2, we have V3 now) , so even though the numbers are quite high, if you use Gas and Electricity (Electricity can be subbed for magnetic or cold, but electricy has a stun for infested and none of these do less to infested)  the numbers should double that shown in the video. its a basic build, nothing really special, just maximum damage, no multishot, and the elementals. very simple.

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