a while ago, i had the warframe called Nyx. i sold her later on because i didn't have slots to fill another warframe (only 2 slots) for another frame. recently, after buying the masters founder pack, i realized i had all the parts for nyx. "sweet" i thought, "it would be awesome to have her again, i wonder why i even sold her". well, i have been using nyx for a couple days now and i remember why i sold her in the first place (i could have sold my loki instead at the time). 

Mind control.

why is this a problem? no problem at all in the power it self, none at all. it's other players that's the problem. 90% of every, single game i play, while using nyx, i cast mind control a few times and see what other players too. most of the time, they don't care if the enemy starts attacking other enemies, they just walk up to them and murder them. so 90% of every game, i say "please don't shoot enemies glowing *color*, thanks". every time. about half the time, players understand "k" "okay" or ask why then i respond and everything goes fine. but alot of the time, even when its mastery rank 9 or higher players, they will ignore what i say and kill them anyway. even when i stand right next to the toxic ancient, showing players its not attacking me, they still wont. 

i went through an entire 30 minute infested survival and every time i casted mind control, half of the time they could clearly see the enemy was effected and attacking other enemies, they still would kill them. there was a rhino and a nova too, i would mind control a target, they would use their power, and even when the enemy is not lifted in the air or slowed down by molecular prime (mind controlled targets resist these powers) they STILL killed them. 

i realize this is probably an isolated thing for most people, but it's not just the idiocy of players, they also seemed to have changed mind control. if an enemy ragdolls, falls into a pit and respawns, things like that, the effect (glowing energy color and mist effect) will disappear, making then enemy look "normal". so its a mixture of players just being nobs and not listening to simple suggestions, and a bug that causes effected enemies to look normal. -_-

are you as frustrated as i am sometimes when playing nyx? or do you simply avoid using mind control altogether to save yourself the hassle? 

>darthtroll strikes again

>stop whining

>your an idiot


there i saved you troll from having to comment :)

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