Previously it was thought that a status chance on a shotgun was divided between the pellets, ie a shotgun with 100% status chance and 10 pellets would mean each pellet has a 10% chance to proc. I took a hunch from a comment on the Strun Wraith page and made mine have 100% status and did a battery of tests.

The results

Regardless of how far the target was away, hitting the target would guarantee a proc of some kind, whether if be the physical damage or elemental. Hitting really far targets eliminates the chance for multiple pellets to hit the enemy due to spread, yet the same result would occur, it would proc every single shot.

I am not sure if this was not already known, but this raises a new issue about status chance listings for shotguns and the corresponding information on the pages. In short, this blog is for your opinions on what status change number should be considered an advantage. meaning, if the shotguns status chance is listed in advantages, how high should the status chance be in order for it to be there?

What is the lowest status chance required in order for it to be listed as an advantage?

The poll was created at 06:42 on October 11, 2014, and so far 139 people voted.

as well as this poll, i would like to hear your opinions on listing status chance as an advantage because if all shotguns do infact list status chance as the status chance of each pellet, this means most shotguns have an excellent or good status chance rating, compared to most other weapons in which 20% is what is required for the weapon to have a "good" status, which most shotguns have if not more.

Note: as i stated, i have not seen any mention of this status chance debate until now so if i am already well beyond this being known, please correct me.

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