Alright, for all you hardcore (by hardcore i mean YOU of course!) players out there, i have a challenge for you, assuming you have Rhino of course.

This challenge should be quite easy, just as a note, but may be hilariously annoying for some.

The Challenge

Utilizing Rhino Charge as your ONLY selected power, place the worst possible mod combination you can muster onto your rhino and enter a medium-ish survival mission solo and see how well you fare. The mods you choose must be the worse possible ones you have in your mod collection that will benefit rhino the least (or not at all), and you must utilize all slots. The mods do not have to be fully ranked. You may use whatever helmet you want, but not using any adds bonus points! (that are not tabulated and have no purpose whatsoever :D !)

Also bonus kudos to those who utilize mods that severely limit the functions of Rhino Charge.

Note that this challenge has nothing to do with the flaming over rhino being for "noob" players i simply chose him because i assume alot of players have him because he is talked about alot, and i will be doing similar challenge blogs after my time up on the blog section expires.

The Goal

Last 10 minutes in the survival mission utilizing your worst possible build and then describe how it was compared to the normal build you use!

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