With the power invested in me by Wikia, i, Unoriginal Admin Guy, hereby initiate the Roller Only Specter Challenge!

This is a fun little challenge i came up with while testing out the effectiveness of Freeze Force, figuring out that not only will it apply the bonus damage buff, but combine the AoE effect of freeze, providing a protective AoE DoT freeze damage and proc on any ally unit you cast it on!

The Challenge

The challenge itself is pretty straightforward, the first requirement is obviously Roller Specters offered by Steel Meridian. Weak by themselves, they can still stun enemies and they leech health when doing so, but this is not even close to make the Specter worth it to be honest. However, when you apply Freeze Force, things can change pretty quickly and it can be quite fun as well! Edit: you many also use Charger specters if you are not allied with steel meridian, as they are similar (but slightly better as well). 

You do not have to use only Freeze Force, and you can bring along some friends with their own augments (eg Venom Dose) and even their own Roller Specters! The only Rule is you are not allowed to directly and purposely damage enemies, so bring a melee weapon and prepare to block alot while your specter does the dirty work for you. You are also allowed to cast as many as you like if they die if that is required to finish the mission, but only using one is the main idea :) (note: you can only deploy one roller specter at any given time. to get more, your friends must also deploy one).


Here is an example of the challenge being successfully carried out, with me completing a low-mid tier dark sector defense on saturn. Any mission level is fine since the roller will scale to the mission level, however the damage from your specter will decrease the higher you go, making it more unpredictable (and possibly more fun!). I did this on an Eris defense and i went to wave 5 before the pod was destroyed, due to a few Ancients being present. That's another thing, if you plan on recording a video, remember that heavy units will take a long time to be killed, especially on infested with healers around.

Challenge Roller Specter Only Infested Defense06:34

Challenge Roller Specter Only Infested Defense

Your Turn!

Try this challenge out for yourself! You don't have to record a video or provide pictures, even just talking about how much fun you had is enough :-)

Also made a short forum post about it as well, if you would care to give it a like c: [1]

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