In general, the Seer pistol generally does not pop up in heated discussions over the "best" pistols nor does it seem to get much attention when Endgame or at least High Level game content is discussed. 

In my opinion, the seer is an excellent weapon. With the build i have now for Grineer, it does the damage shown in the picture below to the left. This is only with a reactor and does not contain forma at all. It is very impressive, even when considering that the UI includes potential multishots in it's damage calculations. To the right, you see the "actual" damage per shot, which is represented by the first bullet, and the 100% chance to fire a second bullet. Still pretty high per shot. 


If 3 bullets are fired at once


If normal 2 bullets are fired at once

In damage 1.0, a similar build (before radiation, procs, etc. mind you) i could one shot any light grineer up to level 40 at the time. Up to level 55 or 60 if shot in the head. As of right now, my basic build can one shot most light grineer with one shot to the head at level 30. Remember that my build does not include forma and the mods are not maxed. It does however have a catalyst.

My point is, the Seer is very viable for high levels, and is very satisfying once you get the hang of the travel time. Most people that i talk to about the seer note the travel time yet have no problem using the Supra, which has much more travel time and a high spread. The seer is not perfect of course, and lately they have sort of messed it up by changing the way the weapon zooms in, which throws me off a bit since i haven't used it like this for a while. I remember watching Mogamu's video and it sort of made me not want to get the seer. I made it regardless and i do not regret this decision.

The downsides to the weapon are pretty apparent, including the long reload speed. This can be easily countered however.

So my main question is how do you feel about the Seer? Do you view the weapon as more of a "status" weapon of sorts to show that you played enough to farm the thing from Vor, but don't really see it as a viable weapon for more experienced players? Or, do you think the Seer is an underappreciated gem that should see more use in late game discussions?

Note that this is not at all a "this is better then X" blog and i am not making any accusations of better/worse weapons. Simply opening a discussion on one of my favorite sidearms.


Basic Grineer Build

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